Are we witnessing the death spiral of Labour?

After 9 long years of National, in 2017, New Zealand proved that it is personality over policy and that 9 years is long enough for any party to be in charge.

Time to give Labour a go said the average swing voter. Immigration, housing and health were the main points, as in what is slightly unusual, it wasn’t the economy that was the core issue.

The books were in good shape in 2017 and so it was the plight of the homeless and other feel good promises that inspired the voter, oh and a bitter Winston Peters that ultimately handed the reigns to an Ardern lead Labour government.

100,000 houses to be built, reversing the underspend on health care and reducing immigration was what the public had voted for.

Immigration is an interesting one, Labour did absolutely zero to change immigration (COVID did), and two years later we are now experiencing what a lack of skilled migrants means. Worse health care, labour shortages and productivity loss.

Those who don’t like those pesky foreigners moving here likely do not quite understand that the New Zealand economy relies on immigration.

There are jobs that New Zealanders either aren’t skilled in or simply don’t want to do. A classic case where both occurs is hospitality.

Restaurants rely on foreign workers as wait and bar staff, chefs and maitre d’s. Anyone who enjoys going out knows it is somewhat of a rarity to be served by a kiwi. It does happen and there are some great local waiters but more than 50% of hospitality staff in Auckland are not born in New Zealand.

Health workers are a similar story. Anyone who has been to hospital in the past years will have noticed they were at some point looked after by a Filipino, Indian or another caring Asian descendent.

Immigration and the desire for it to be reduced is a classic case of being careful what you wish for.

The kiwibuild flagship policy has to be the biggest political fail since Mao banned sparrows in China which lead to the deadliest famine in modern history.

The news articles of people living in cars definitely was emotive, and there were easy political points for Labour to score here, claiming not enough was being done for the plight of the homeless was a vote winner.

Kiwibuild was meant to be the big saviour, which is now a big elephant in any room Meagan Woods enters. Labour like to bang on about state houses they have built, but the only thing they have achieved is to turn motel 7’s into crime centres all across the country.

Grant Robertson’s electorate has become unsafe to walk around at night due to housing the undesirable underclass in motels in wellington central.

Health, in particular mental health, has also been a spectacular fail with nothing happening in this sphere at all apart from gusts of hot air.

However, It isn’t so much Labours failed policies though that are the real rot eating away at the popularity brought about by the COVID scare.

The thing that will burn labours support is the secretive policies they never campaigned on.

What turned out to be a bold faced lie in itself, Labour promised to be open and transparent. Not just open and transparent but the most open and transparent government ever. They then went about being the most secretive and obfuscation filled government in history.

They avoid scrutiny, refuse access to information and dumped unfavourable information on Fridays hoping no one will notice.

The agenda that people are waking up to, and one that will be ultimately as popular as a fart in a space suit is the co governance agenda that was never campaigned on.

The project of creating a form of apartheid is being walked through parliament with pace but disguised as baby steps.

3 waters is being pushed as a necessity to sort out some towns drinking water and wastewater infrastructure. The real goal is establishing an ownership of water with a Maori interest in the asset.

Is latecomers to the land of the long white cloud are to be treated as guests of the “indigenous people” even though technically neither the European nor the Maori can be considered indigenous peoples.

There has always been a rift between some Maori and the so called sins of our fathers, but on the whole, race relations had been slowly improving. There are always activists who like to stir things up, but on the whole the different cultures had respect for each other.

But let the activists gain control and you send race relations back 100 years or more. This seems to be the legacy that Ardern’s Government wants.

They want to say they gave the Maori their sovereignty back and everyone else needs to abide by their rules and pay the piper. again the sins if our fathers now must have reparation care of UN edicts.

Apartheid in South Africa was to allow the white colonist minority to control the various tribes that had made this part of Africa their home. In a twist of this system that New Zealand helped end with the riots in the 80’s, labour wants a single minority race to have their own society that we then have to try and fit into.

This all based on rewriting the history of our country.

This is where labour will find it’s all down hill. They have proved they care not what is legal, morally right or democratic. So therefore they will push on whilst they have a majority government.

Driven by ideology, soon it will only be the die hard tribal Labour supporters that will give their support to this group of student politicians. Ones that are so far out of their depth it will take decades to undo half of the damage they are inflicting on NZ.

We will see a Brain drain of monumental proportions over the next 12 months and it will take some time before any will consider returning to New Zealand.

Ardern will be known as the prime minister who turned people off their own country.

Well done you pretty communist sociopath.

It is this writers belief the death spiral of a Labour lead Government has begun. The swing voters are regretting their votes and are one by one eyeing up Luxon and a return to a New Zealand they can care about again

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