Arizona Audit Report given to Senate

“Earth shattering” is how the findings have been described by Cyber Ninjas chief Jovan Pulitzer.

While we await the results of the Audit, Mr Pulitzer has let slip that it wasn’t watermarks or bamboo that they were looking for, as part of the forensic audit.

What they were seeking was markings that the secret service place on ballots to help identify fraud. These markings are placed on the ballots at the time of printing and denote time, place etc where they were printed.

This may be getting a few people nervous about the findings, but to date it has been very hard for anyone investigating the potential fraud to gather any traction.

This isn’t an issue that is going away soon. Nor is it going to reverse the election result even if they find fraud.

If it was the most fair and secure election, the actions of the Democrats and RINO’s certainly don’t display a, “nothing to hide,” style election. But we shall soon see what the Cyber Ninjas have found.

There has been snippets of irregularities mentioned here and there and you would have to be very biased to not believe there were irregularities with the election.

Will the audit show us it was a stolen election?

The team doing the audit have been discredited on many mainstream media outlets. However, the team is made up of highly skilled cyber investigation teams that do audits and investigation work for high clearance government and private business. If anything, an election audit is a basic and unsophisticated process compared to the work these guys normally undertake.

The Audit was open and transparent, filmed from every angle and underwent multiple tests to search for tell tell signs of fraud, such as no pen indentations where ballots were marked, paper folds not present in mailed out ballots or lack of proper printer markings.

Other aspects of the count were also investigated including ballot adjudication and reasoning behind why ballots needed to be adjudicated.

If you want to watch Jovan explaining these markings there is a video on the Gateway Pundit linked below.

Jovan Pulitzer Reveals It’s Not the ‘Watermarks’ on the Ballots – It’s Better (VIDEO)

It will be interesting to see what the audit has found, also what the response will be from those that are calling this whole audit process a charade.

More to come soon

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