Arizona election audit update

Once again, what do you have to hide.

The media are trying to discredit the audit.

Democrats have tried to use the courts to stop the audit.

Election officials tried to refuse to give access to the ballots and machines used to count the votes. (The infamous Dominion machines)

And now Biden’s DOJ has stepped up to have a go

Not withstanding that the forensic audit is a right given to the Arizona senate, what business is it of the federal government what this state does with an audit.

With arguments that are weaker than a pot of tea with no tea leaves, the DOJ has written a please explain letter to the Arizona State Senate.

Siting intimidation of voters and that election officials are not in control of the ballots. They seem to forget it is these same officials that refused to play ball with the audit and it’s hard to intimidate or coerce someone to vote for a candidate when they voted 6 months ago.

Given all this fuss it seems rather obvious what the audit is going to find and the cat is about to be out of the bag.

Not long to wait now.

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