Arizona Election Audit Update

The Democrats are back fighting the audit continuing in Maricopa County.

For now the audit continues, but Democrat lawyers are trying their best in the courts to stop the audit.

There is now a Democrat appointed judge that is presiding over the attempts to stop the audit with the previous Judge recusing himself.

The media are working overtime to delegitimise the audit and so is the state secretary Katie Hobbs claiming the people conducting the audit are not qualified and have no plan as to how to do the audit.

Whilst it is true that Cyber Ninjas have not done an election audit before. The company has the ability to scan for watermarks and check if mail out ballots have a crease in them that you would expect to find with a ballot that had been folded into an envelope.

They also have expertise in cyber crime to be able to do a proper forensic study on the controversial ballot counting machines.

The organisers of the audit have installed cameras with live feeds so that anyone can watch the audit being conducted. To be as unbiased as possible they have Republican, Democrats and independent volunteers.

You can watch it at

the actions of the Democrats and the left media really does point to they have something to hide.

If it does show that there was a coordinated effort to cheat the election, it will be I testing to see the spin dr’s go into overdrive.

How will the “no evidence of election fraud” brigade handle this revelation? If the first genuine audit on the ballots finds there was fraud, will the other states want a proper audit done on there ballots?

Probably the best to hope for is meaningful election reform

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