Arizona Update

Those of you who have been following the Maricopa County audit, will be aware that the election officials have been refusing to hand over the voting machine routers.

The claim is that providing these routers would reveal information that shouldn’t be in the public domain, such as confidential information from the sheriff office.

This seems to be a rather large red herring but has been backed up by the County sherif. The Sheriff, who is a Democrat, received a $2,000,000 campaign donation from George Soros. Why George Soros would donate a sum as large as that to help elect a county Sheriff is interesting, but we will leave that there for now.

As the routers are part of the court ordered subpoena, they were only going to get away with that charade for so long and a computer forensic expert was allowed to inspect a machine at the sheriffs office in confidence.

The outcome of this is that there has been a lot of deleting of files.

All the election data has been removed from the machine.

That is an interesting reality. Database files of the election are meant to be preserved for 22 months.

Officials originally claimed that they didn’t have passwords for the machines, which would make it seem that any previous audits never occurred.

But now we find the files have been deleted.

More to come on this.

Also the chain of custody has been brought into question with the actual ballot tally’s not matching the pink slips securing the totals for each ballot box.

Up to 20% of ballots are missing based on the pink slip tally.

I wonder how you would get on with a tax audit if you deleted all your info and only gave the tax man 80% of your bank statements.

This is now going to get very interesting.

But if Hilary can delete all her emails, I guess it’s par for the course.

Someone has a lot of explaining to do

President of the Arizona Senate Karen Fann has written a letter to Maricopa County Supervisor Chairman Jack Sellers, demanding answers.

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