Armchair Generals and so called experts

Get it oh so wrong on the Ukraine conflict

The Military Situation in the Ukraine—An Update

Between the propaganda designed feed the narrative and the simple stupidity of the so called western military experts, we have ended up with most people (including those in power) being so poorly informed and completely ignorant of what is really going on in the Ukraine – that no good can come from this conflict.

Ironically, Putin laid it all out for all that wanted to listen as to exactly what is going on. But the West were filled with the belief that Putin’s only goal is he wants to rebuild the Soviet Union. This of course is far from reality.

For most western armchair generals the war started approximately 6 weeks ago, and all things Russia now represent evil. Zelensky is a hero and the Ukrainians are the poor people fighting for their freedom.

The latter part of those beliefs above (Ukraine fighting for their freedom) is about the only part that comes close to reality

The Ukrainian people being the ones that are your average Tom, Dick and Harry’s are the ones stuck in the middle of a greater battle, and are suffering because of the bad advise and all the meddling of the NATO countries in Ukraine.

Other than that we have a whole lot of bad actors doing what bad actors do best. In this case a power struggle to derail Russia while laundering money and arms through the Ukraine region in what is now obviously a proxy war. This is really NATO versus Russia. The issue is how wrong the Western Bloc has been on the strategy of Russia.

The link at the top of this article tells the story from the point of view of a military expert with intimate knowledge of the region and the people involved.

It really does show that the Kiev aspect of the military action in Ukraine was a deceptive stroke of genius to stop the military having a connection to troops in the south of Ukraine. This is something I am happy to admit I got wrong. Heck I didn’t think Russia would invade. Putin might have spelled out what his goals were but he didn’t hand out his strategy files on how he would achieve it.

However with the use of logic and a bit of hind site we can now see that 40,000 troops were never going to successfully take over a well armed city of close to 4 million.

What it did achieve was keep more Ukrainians from supporting the troops that were about to get up to no good in the Donbas region.

The Russians have the receipts to back this up but the western media will never go there.

Military documents found in Ukrainian headquarters in the south of the country confirm that the Ukraine was preparing to attack the Donbass; and that the firing observed by OSCE observers as early as February 16th heralded an imminent outbreak in days or weeks.”

Putin had a dilemma, stand by and watch Russians in Ukraine get wiped off the face of the planet or, step in and create the global furore we are now in. Seems his heart was in the right place on this occasion.

Anyway the link above is a great read from someone who as I said knows what he is talking about, below is their crudentials…

“Jacques Baud is a former colonel of the General Staff, ex-member of the Swiss strategic intelligence, and specialist on Eastern countries. He was trained in the American and British intelligence services. He has served as Policy Chief for United Nations Peace Operations. As a UN expert on rule of law and security institutions, he designed and led the first multidimensional UN intelligence unit in the Sudan. He has worked for the African Union and was for 5 years responsible for the fight, at NATO, against the proliferation of small arms. He was involved in discussions with the highest Russian military and intelligence officials just after the fall of the USSR. Within NATO, he followed the 2014 Ukrainian crisis and later participated in programs to assist the Ukraine.

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