Artic defies the Alarmists

So they change the data (again)

After a very low amount of ice at the beginning of the year that had the alarmists salivating about man made warming, the ice came back with a vengeance. Biden’s Build back better memo must have got through to the North Pole and the ice was back thick and fast above the short term average.

This was not pleasing to the powers that be so they “improved” the data

Below is the comparison of the ice extent on the 4th of December before and after the “improved data”

the black line is this years ice extent. Here it is a little close to the adjustments

“There was very little change to the 2021 summer volume, but lots of change to the winter volume.  The is the opposite of other years and the opposite of their description of the changes.

The changes they made occurred during winter, not summer. It appears they rotated the 2021 data several degrees clockwise, which brought spring volume up and winter volume down.”

This isn’t the first time they have been caught tampering with the data. Why are they so desperate to prove what is becoming more and more of a farce.

More info on them being busted and what they have been up to this time linked below.

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