As Popular as a fart in a spacesuit

Not wanting to be outdone by this colloquial description of a very unpopular person. Mallard has gone one further and has become the fart in a space suit.

Unable to remove him from his position, for whatever reason, the PM has publicly she has confidence in the speaker. So mallard is not the sitting duck he should be, he is still the sitting speaker.

There is obviously more to all of this than what we will ever know. When your boss is calling you a rapist but you are a hugger. When your ex boss is using parliamentary privilege to continue calling you a rapist under the guise of protecting the victims he says he cares so much about but hasn’t even met, and when you know you were wrong but use $330,000 tax payers money fighting it in court

There just has to be more to this than we have been let in on.

In the mean time, the angry Duck is still quacking his orders adjudicating over the children in the playpen we call parliament.

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