As the Pfizer data dump keeps coming so do the questions.

As is common practice with people with something to hide, they will first try and delay the release of the information and then if this doesn’t work they will send it in random order in the hope that people get bored trying to decipher all the information.

The FDA wanted 75 years to release thePfizer data. If that doesn’t set off your bullshit radar then the fact that Pfizer stepped in and said they would assist in the release of the data and suddenly the info is released so out of whack that it is a huge job to sift through it all for completeness.

What they perhaps didn’t see coming was the enormous amount of people willing to sort through this. Expert crowd sourcing for the legal eagles is unprecedented and the information coming out points to confirm what the Pfizer whistle blower as stated.

The trials we’re a joke, less than a joke really it is becoming evident that the trials themselves were fraudulent.

Robert Barnes from Barnes law is representing the whistleblower and below is a greta red and where they are at so far with the data releases coming via the FDA.

As time goes on and more data gets released we may find out that both Pfizer and the FDA are exposed for legal action. Indemnity will be waved due to the total fabrication of the trials.

This is why you don’t ever take medication that has not been properly scrutinised. But billions of people have taken the vaccine the indoctrinated claim. This is true and so far 15,000,000 have died, apparently from COVID. or so they hope the willing participants will believe.

We have no idea to what extend people will perish from theses jabs. It is not just those that die within 48 hours of the vaccination that are statistics of harm. Let’s just take one of the adverse events that they failed to tell us in the beginning Myocarditis. 56% of people with myocarditis will die within 5 years of the inflammation. let that sink in. They say the chances of getting myocarditis from the virus is greater than the vaccine. One little aspect of this is the latest evidence shows young males have the chance of getting myocarditis at a rate of 1 in 14,000. this may seem like a small amount but given that the age group have a zero chance of dying from the virus if they aren’t someone with more underlying health challenges than a 95 year old smoker, it is infinitely higher. and this is only one adverse reaction.

The fact there is a ticking time bomb now in many people who took the vaccine is something that only time will reveal the full extent.

We now know that cancers come back, old virus issues such as the virus that causes shingles, we have immune dificiencies arising meaning people are easier subjected to other ailments and this is just a fraction again of the health issues people are having.

And people scratch their head wondering why people they know are getting sicker than they used to, why sports stars are dying and seemingly healthy social figures are “suddenly and unexpectedly” falling ill ordying. Of course not every death is going to be attributed to the vaccine, but when fit and healthy young men who are in peak shape (such as professional footballers) start having heart conditions or dying on the field, you don’t need to scratch your head for too long to figure out what is different about 21/22.

We have been conned for financial and political gain, and you should be cross. If you took the vaccine you did it in good faith. Yet it didn’t protect you, it didn’t stop the Government over reach, it didn’t stop you getting COVID. it just put you at risk.

If you keep accepting that this was done in goof faith, then what is to stop the governments of the world doing this all again?

You do not need to be an antivax person to understand pushing a rushed medicine on an unsuspecting population while threatening those that do not comply with their livelihood, was a little too dictatorial.

Right now the evidence is mounting, but is not complete. It will take years for the full extent of the trickery that has gone on here to be conclusive.

In the mean time, no doubt we will be subjected to more of these globalist scams to keep us all focusing our minds away from the agenda the elites have for us.

As many have woken up to, yesterdays conspiracy theories are just spoiler alerts for what is really going on. If you think agenda 21/30 is a conspiracy, if you think the great reset is another. then you may want to fact check your own thought process as these are now mainstream news.

Here is agenda 21 from the U.N. website. Something New Zealand is firmly entrenching into our policies

The great reset fake?

Is Ardern part of this too? here is the WEF young leaders you can search how many politicians, business leaders etc are part of Klause Schwabs reset.

Schwabs Profit Yuval Harari

This video show you the mind set of the people shaping our global community. Schwabs chief medical advisor and claimed prophet in action

You don’t need to be religious to find this guys self proclamation of the person to be the one with power over all a little frightening.


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