Ask the Crooks to Audit the Books

No independent audit has ever occurred on any of the votes in the 2020 US election. Any checking that has been done, has been completed by the organizers of this alleged dodgy election.

The best analogy of this I have heard so far is it is the equivalent of, if in 2008 authorities asked Bernie Madoff to audit his own books and ask him if they are all in order.

The Georgia signature check was done by the election organizers, you know the ones that allowed observers to see nothing, did unobserved late night ballot counting and then adjudicated 97% of the votes as the machine couldn’t recognize the intention of the voter..

Why will officials not allow any independent audit, why will courts not hear the evidence, and why do people who try to speak about their experience with the election get character assassinated

Why indeed? It certainly isn’t the actions of a nothing to see here situation.

Yet people buy the BS. even our own right leaning blogs like Kiwiblog are calling it a Coup. It is, but its not Trump that is responsible.

How can people be so blind to the obvious skullduggery. It is the early set dementia brought on by an irrational hatred for orange hair politicians.

well if we could rely on real journalism I guess we wouldn’t need to waste time on Planet B.

I fear that relying on Pence to sort this out is becoming a fools paradise. Pence seems to have no desire to be the one to call out the shenanigan’s.

The only good news is this election charade will not go away, particularly from the point of view that there are many people who want to continue to investigate the election. Those who are not blind are joining forces to expose what went on as this style of election (even if Biden is the next President) can not be allowed to be done again.

Ex intelligence staff, lawyers and other constitutional experts are banding together. 50% of the population will not see Biden as the genuine President and with good reason. If the truth doesn’t come out in the next few days there are plenty who will continue investigating and this will make Biden’s tenure a very interesting one.

Given the way the Democrats treated Trump i trust enough Republicans can give Quid Pro Quo Joe a real ribbing

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