Audrey Young gives Robertson 9/10

The only legitimate way you can give Robertson 9/10 is if you are rating the most dangerous finance ministers NZ has ever had.

Giving Robertson a 9/10 is akin to the most improved player award that the hopeless kid gets as a sports prize at the end of the season so that he doesn’t miss out on a clap at prize giving.

Well done Grant for giving it a go now pass the ball to someone who knows how to kick it.

So out of his depth is our bumbling minister, and so high on power that he is now being compared to Muldoon. for a labour minister to be compared to such a character might be a little clue for you Audrey.

To say he is performing at 9/10 can only come from complete ignorance and/or respect for someone so slimy that that they could wriggle out of a closed jar of pickles.

Robertson has ignored advice from officials on important issues around housing, the Covid response recovery and the IRD. On policy.

These blind faith decisions to try and go down as a foundational or transformational finance minister, will have long lasting effects on the well being of New Zealanders.

Global economists are predicting New Zealand to be one of the worst hit countries in a post Covid world.

Our parlour is going to be less than bare and those that will suffer and ultimately lose years of quality of life will go down as victims of COVID-19.

But it won’t be COVID to blame, it will be directly linked the the clueless muppet of a minister.

How someone who has never had a job that wasn’t paid for by the taxpayer, or any training in finance that isn’t more than a dusty old hand book from a previous finance minister, is beyond belief.

And how a respected political commentator can’t call him out on it and rather, tells all willing listeners that he is performing at 9/10 is criminal in itself.

Does Audrey Young have any clues at all about what is going on, or is she pitching for another stimulus cheque.

By removing the financial over-site committee, like the Nazi party did in the 1930’s, the last port to hold Robertson to account is the press. or has our press gone the same way?

But no, let’s give the guy who has increased debt to the highest level ever an allusion rating. The guy that printed money ensuring that the gap between the haves and the have nots means many of the have nots, never will.

Who has delegitimised genuine business expenses in owning a rental portfolio further disadvantaging the poor. and is about to call anyone who buys a property a speculator.

The guy who Introduced taxes when he said he wouldn’t, lied about policy and showed his sliminess by calling his own lies out as him being too definitive.

What does that even mean? If he had not been so definitive Audrey, would you have given him a 10/10

Wake up FFS and start doing some real analysis on what this clueless minister is doing while he is clutching the baubles of power.

This student politician with zero finance education is sending the country down the river. In 12 months time, when anyone with half a brain has moved to Australia, he may have just inadvertently solved the affordability of housing – when no one wants or needs one in little old aotearoa no more.

The guy is a con man born from a con man and will go down as the worst finance minister ever. It will take years to undo what Robertson has done, the only use it will be to future generations is to teach other young and upcoming political scientists like Robertson on what not to do.

Lest us forget, before anyone had heard of Covid, the New Zealand economy was already contracting. The wheels were already wobbling well before our largest income earner was smashed due to the global response to the virus.

Robertson is a fast talking snake oil salesman and just like the snake oil of the past. It might sound like a good idea but in the end is a costly waste of time.

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