There is no corruption in New Zealand, There are no sheep on our…

As the political Acid consumes Jacinda (as opposed to some other form of Acid consumption occurring in some other way) and her party seems to becoming a little more fractious – Chippy Hipkins again today came out in the press making some inconsistent comments re the KN25 or N95 or Cee Three Pio masks or whatever they are – it is perhaps time to revisit the political efficacy  around extending our electoral cycle.  

While this idea seems popular with the incumbent Junta and David Seymour is pretty keen on it too,  if “First past the post politics” taught us nothing is that handing absolute power to one of the clown circuses has the potential for the elected muppet show to misuse that power almost without recourse to the voters.

What then happens is at the very next opportunity the voters revolve the door to the asylum, and simply bring in the next load of muppets. Politics from this period, the 1970’s and early 1980’s saw each new elected shambles simply undo the work of the previous shambles. 

More recent political themes have focussed more on the US styled ‘the first 100 days’ setting the tone and agenda for the next political cycle. This is fine if the agenda is valid or not immediately bastardised, or is what you voted and also needs a longer political cycle to get it achieved.  But is that the case in NZ? 

So the question then becomes, how long do you want to give each circus/junta/dictatorship to ruin you day to day well being?     

If we were to extend the current cycle for the current muppets,  much like the US  we would see (and saw) an agenda publicised, then ignored and the secret agenda come out, nothing positive for the cuntree or useful being done for 15 months, and then we have allowed them an additional year of taking their salaries under false pretences.   

The reasons to my musings are, this has been such a bad government what should happen if we are fortunate enough to get the sheep to vote them out.  Unlike the 1970’s where laws were repealed or new laws brought in to counteract the effect of the previous arse-wipes I would like to see all aspects of the Ardern led Government expunged.

Much like say, getting rid of the cocaine convictions of some theoretically important person so they can say, meet the queen, they should be expunged ie they never happened. Can’t be talked about ever again and removed from all sources of NZ history. Just leave blank pages in in our annals of history. Why,  well an infamously terrible person much like a famous person leaves their mark on the page on history and their contribution, good or bad, is recorded for all time.  For me blank pages are the best way to accurately depict this governments achievements and its contribution to NZ history.  

These guys just aren’t worth it.

Accuse Him of Rape Trevor

Finally a member of the press has come and said what an increasing number, possibly sneaky majority of what NZers are realising.  

We have an inept one dimensional government.  People now realising this is the least qualified gummint we have had for generations. 

The bad and good news is that is it not a member of the NZ press but a new Zealander who has done what all truly successful kiwis do and obtained a position at a significantly more reputable organisation offshore (like our good Doctors, epidemiologists, virologists etcetera, etcetera, etcetera.  SO well done Dan Wooton.

But this is not to just congratulate Mr Wooten.  Over the last few days I have noted some seemingly unrelated events that suggest all is not well in the clown circus.  Firstly a number of Front benchers were not invited to the ‘barbecue by the sea meeting’ which included only some of the labour caucus.  Then Fatboy came out and said quite specifically there was no more money for a 4thvaccine and any more support payments.   Chippy Hipkins yesterday, who was not in New Plymouth, promptly said they were going to,  or could simply borrow more $$$ to top up the covid fund.  Mmmmm and finally when everyone else is postponing weddings Ardern and her intimate policy advisor cancelled theirs.     

So who is responding to Wooten’s article?   None of the above listed No, but  when all else fails, get the State funded Bully to answer.  Sorry Trevor he is too far way to call him a rapist and get away with it. I would also still like to know who the party staffer was that was accused and avoided any repercussion for inappropriate behaviour at their youth camp.

Wooton did get one thing wrong, these guys aren’t Socialists. They are just incompetent f*cks. 

That’s done it

In 1914 an Austrian Prince was assassinated and WW1 started.  In 1939 an Austrian nut job in charge of Germany started WW2.  As of today, if you live in Austria,  you will be fined, with fines getting progressively larger, and what our State Funded Propaganda facilitators are not reporting is that you can ultimately be jailed if you do not get your ineffective vaccination and immune system lowering boosters.

Are they trying to start WW3?

It’s Time to Mandate Freedom

“An Auckland airport worker, who is double vaccinated and has had a booster dose, tested positive for Covid-19 yesterday. Whole genome sequencing for this case will be returned today however from an abundance of caution, the case is currently being managed as an Omicron case.”  NZ Herald 19 Jan 2022

But this is not possible if you listen to the Vaccinated priesthood.   Guess what Jacinda, James, Grant and David S and all of the rest of the Clown circus , not only is it possible, it’s why the rest of the world has come the pragmatic and intelligent conclusion to let it run its course (endemic) and let the individual manage their own pathway. 


Once again I made the mistake of reading the State Funded Propaganda Facilitators.

I see their latest series of bluuuurgh is about the impact of the new lending laws and codes.  It appears they are attempting to lay the blame on the banks.  Well guess what, the banks have spent years fighting the imposition of the laws that interfere with how they behave as privately funded intermediaries.  The new lending laws and codes are the Brainchild of Fatboy-R (Robertson) and the Clown Circus running this place, being yet another attempt to ‘slow’ the property market.  Well this one won’t slow it, however it does have the potential to simply stop it dead.

Over the last 4 years the Reserve Bank and this Gummint have tried any number of ways to slow this market and in spite of there being well documented successful tools to achieve that end, as our Munter of Finance has a politics degree he has used this particular expertise to use every one of the tools many other countries have tried that have failed or are failing.  As an aside it seems a particular skill of this labour party (small case deliberate) that their Arrogant approach “…that we will do it differently so it will work”, is perhaps their only policy success (ie consistent failure).

Just a quick re-cap of what haven’t worked:

  • Introducing Ring-fencing
  • Introducing Bright-line period
  • Repeatedly increasing the bright-line cut offs.
  • Removing legally deductible Interest expenses and increasing the bright-line cut off (turning the UK rental market into (bigger) slums)
  • Instructing Banks to limit private debt lending as a component of their prudential supervision regimes
  • Instructing Banks to change the Debt to Equity ratios for certain lending types 
  • Increasing government spending to stimulate the economy at a time where Interest Rates were falling and stimulatory market forces were ‘in-play’
  • Printing money to stimulate the economy at a time where Interest Rates were falling and stimulatory market forces were ‘in-play’
  • Introducing regulations around Debt Serving to Income ratios 

So what have the banks done? Other than what the rest of the sheep in NZ have done and just buckled under and followed along with Government policy.  SO how is the banks fault?

The only truly idiot thing the Clown Circus  did not do is ‘staple’ losses to individual rental properties, but they have nearly 2 years to slip that particular fuck up in.   

And therein lies my greatest fear for NZ.  Two more years of no tourism, limited and reducing sales of primary produce to overseas markets, as the economy tanks and interest rates increase the NZ dollar will strengthen and receipts from foreign trade will fall further. Increased cost of getting our produce to market as we, NZ lobby to increase penalties for carbon miles on imported products – yep work that one out when we are the further-est from just about everywhere.

Sorry if this sounds depressing but you need to get your friends to be emailing their Labour constituent MP and list MP daily and hammering them on their mismanagement of NZ.  

Thoughts from Schmee


Once again the socialist cry babies are rabbiting on about wealth and capital gains taxes and the fact we have $65 B in new debt.

The formula could ne be easier.  

Around 2.1 million people voted for labour at the last election.  

Each labour voter is charged $30,952.38 for their bad choice

Debt Gone!

Information or Misinformation?

“There are 34 people with Covid in hospital – two of those are in ICU. Nine of those were unvaccinated or not eligible to be jabbed, while five were fully vaccinated.” NZHERALD 14/1/2022

So 34 people are in hospital 9 UV and 5 FV.  What about the other 20?


There are 2 in ICU of which 9 UV and 5 V and they have lost 12

And they wonder why we think the press are thick (and their readership thicker?)

And today is/was the last day for the ‘cops’ to be V.  How many will there be on Saturday? They are keeping that quiet.

Zero Immunity

With variations coming thick and fast, coupled with New Zealands virtually zero immunity provided from our “world beating elimination strategy” and ineffective vaccines. It is now or never to give us a fighting chance with Omicron. It may take a brave politician to authorise the release of Omicron. So we are fucked.

Should another more virulent variation arrive before Omicron gets here we will be defenceless. That’s right, your three jabs will do nothing. Oh it may give you a less symptomatic dose but this is an entirely an un-proven speculation. After all you can’t de-vaccinate someone to test them on how being unvaccinated compares.

Oh maybe Pfizer will save us (again) with their new and improved triple jab

Worked it out yet?

SO has anyone else noticed. I am sure you have, being onto it Planet-B’ers

Firstly the reporting of Covid cases is now ticking consistently out to reporting 2 daily (started before the holiday period – so that’s not the reason) , and most obviously, the Propaganda Facilitators are not reporting the vaccination status by percentage of the case load.  The only days they do are the very rare days now that the unvaxxed do exceed the vaxxed (seems it doesn’t fit the gummint rhetoric and makes the billions they have spent fu*king this up, harder to justify by the day) 

It is, as we predicted, now a pandemic of the vaccinated in NZ too. As Ants pointed out 80+% of all places of interest are places you have to have a vaccination pass to enter.  Just to confirm we are not (or at least I am not) psychic, but as they say in the cowboy movies “…there is nothing new in Dodge.”

Let’s hope we follow the UK and say No More Number 4 , as one two and three ineffective jabs are clearly enough.  Speaking of useless pricks, a little birdie suggests there may be some changes coming mid-year involving the senior management at the Clown Circus (we will see how accurate our rumour mill is I guess).    

So where is this going.  Well a few things of note in the Djokovic matter.  1. The Judge’s comments (obiter) were supressed. 2. They took less than 10 minutes to decide the matter. 3. Costs are generally awarded against the applicant of the Judge believes their actions were illegal, immoral or in breach of the rules of say Equity etc.  Finally , and I get the Propaganda Facilitators did not get this one, they have given the Joker leave to immediately appeal under urgency if the OZ Gummint attempt to overturn the effect of the ruling (love a little Judicial activism).  Seems to be some truth in Golf course gossip (the guys I (used to) gossip with are all judges and legal types, that the judiciary recognise most of the laws and mandates passed by the various 3rd world Clown Circuses (disguised as government) are unenforceable. 

If you’re unvaccinated, stay safe and keep away from those vaccinated, they are dangerous bastards.  If you are vaccinated, then make sure you take a Panadol, cos I have a headache.

More preferential treatment and corruption to come

In March/April we are (specifically MIQ) to be inundated with female cricketers and the NZ Netball team is due to return from the UK.  Add this to the NZ Cricket teams and the All blacks in and outs over the last 18 months and you start to get why the average kiwi is getting pissed off.  

Add this to Lorde and DJ Fuck-Knuckle using the PM to get them in the cuntree and out of trouble and you start to get that this is truly about controlling the corruption using government and police oppression.

Why are we all not hounding government e-mails with a simple question? HOW?

Why are we as a nation not boycotting these sports?  

We know here at Planet B Media we are preaching to the sane and intelligent but get these questions out their guys!  

COVID response ruins a good walk

So I have this argument with, sports clubs,  bars and café owners.  Firstly the Vax card mandate is a breach of UN Covenant on Civil and Political Rights and pretty soon I suspect will be proven to be a direct breach of the Nuremburg Protocols.

So back to the argument. Accepting these entities are happy complying with a mandate issued by the November Criminals and their accessories, I asked how are they intending to provide services to the un-vaxed or those that chose not to declare their vaccination status?

Every café/bar owner and committee has screamed they don’t have to.  

OK their choice.  So I raised this point with two of the clubs I (im) politely resigned from (something about shoving something up some collective arses – I can’t remember my exact words)   How did you provide for Smokers when the law changed?  That’s is different they cried, how so I retorted?  Covid Kills,  ah ha but so does smoking, so I pointed out that in Sweden with uncontrolled Covid in 2021 there were 9,441 deaths from Covid and 23,485 deaths from smoking related cancers, so I restate my question,  what are you going to do to facilitate your paying members who chose not to disclose their confidential medical information? 

Conclusion:  I no longer play golf (bugger)

People still don’t understand

Without even touching my conspiracy theory gene, I heard a person sounding off in a Newmarket cafe, very loudly espousing their views as to how dangerous the unvaccinated are.  

Not meaning to interrupt but she clearly wanted the whole cafe to hear how important she was, or at least have an argument, so from the immediately adjacent table I asked How exactly are they dangerous and therefore more dangerous? Well all the experts say they  are and my friend…- let me stop you there and I enquired – how does this vaccine work? I aksed.

Well it …, ar ar,  So I helped her by saying if you read even our newspapers (which I added in ‘are crap in this country’) the vaccine, such as it is, is supposed to internally trigger an immune response as your immune system recognises the spike protein, is that about it? I quisically put it to her,  Well yes was the reply.

So if the vaccine is set to trigger an internal response, how does anything anyone does in your external environment impact on you getting the disease?  then it happened,  so you are unvaccinated aren’t you?  Lady we are sitting a  cafe where they are anally retentive about checking passports so I guess your next step is to admit you’re ignorant, or shut up and let me enjoy my cup of tea.   She got up and left… go figure

Proof positive the Pandumbic is more prevalent than any pandemic 

Wiles and Hendy PR Darlings

The Herald published an article yesterday indicating that Wiles and Hendy are taking their employer to task for not doing enough to ‘protect’ them from a lunatic fringe (Pots and kettles, as far as I see it, but…)

Raises a couple of issues.  Knowing the REST model (Research, Entrepreneurship, Service & Teaching – yes teaching comes last) academics use, I strongly suspect their role as government advisors  falls into their Entrepreneurship time (I doubt they did this for free), and as such it is not their employers responsibility to ‘protect’ them.  The have both admitted to receiving both fees and research grants from the Clown Circus and so are not independent can the try not hold themselves out above criticism.

Further it helps if they had a bit of technical ability or integrity (or both). Hendy has not gotten a single estimate with 1000% of one of his singularly pro fear policies, which allows us to criticise his desire to publish and to be honest the underlying integrity of his qualifications (it does highlight getting a Master or PHD is more about the process that the outcome. 

Wiles is her own worst enemy,  having published a youtube video on why masks don’t work she then goes to the beach during a level 4 Lock-down and watches as her ‘friend’ takes a swim.  

If I was their employer I would have them fairly well through the structured dismissal process.

And people wonder why we criticise our supposed experts.

At last the UK are arriving at what Israel arrived at 6 months ago, ie you have to encourage your population to look after themselves and just get on with it’ 

And the Herald seems to have ‘accidentally published’ the following; 

We can’t vaccinate the planet every six months, says JCVI chief

“…Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation (JCVI), said “we need to target the vulnerable” in future, rather than giving boosters to all over-12s.”

Well the rest of the world are on to it, I guess that is where all our medically qualified people go to work.

There is no such thing as failure…

NZ’s greatest year of achievement on the International Hypocrisy Scale (IHS – also denotes International Handicapped Society – you chose)

In what has been a  particularly negative year I suggest it is time to look at NZ’s successes.

  1. The Successful inception of a two race health system akin to apartheid
  2. Moving away from the UN Covenant on Civil and Political Rights with the inception of mandated vaccines and entitlements linked to these (pass please)  
  3. The successful purchase of record amounts of dirty Indonesian coal to run the cuntree and the electric cars we already don’t have enough electricity to run
  4. The reintroduction of mortgage interest rate increases
  5. The re-emergence of Inflation over the 2% threshold 
  6. Confirmed evidence of government corruption in the mis-management of the MIQ system (this very systems continued existence against all odds (and logic))
  7. Absolute evidence of personal favouritism by the prime minister in allowing, sport teams, entertainers, and themselves, to be classified as essential workers and by-pass MIQ
  8. Free trade agreements to produce massive amounts of apparently troublesome methane producing dairy to add then tens of thousands of carbon miles onto it to sell it to Europe  

And of course the two greatest successes 

9                     Billions of dollars spent in letting in Delta

10                 Billions of dollars spent in letting in Omicron                

And they used to criticise the McGillicuddy Serious Party for it’s great leap backwards manifesto and yet we have done more to achieve it in 2021 than for many years  

Yay – You Go NZ

Stay sane fella’s and fellesses (Oh OK and even the freaky)

Where are the JAFA’s

Tourism operators around the country, in particular the Far North and Queenstown report a noticeable  absence of Aucklanders spending money in their respective over-priced shit h*les.

Lets go back a few months.  Queenstown citizens dobbing in Aucklanders to the cops.  The mayors of the various Central Otago wards openly saying we don’t want Aucklanders down here.  Well guess what?  No one from Auckland brought you Covid , you were nice and mouthy, and now we are still not going to bring you Covid (or our money either,  Baaa Baa Baa) 

Far north,  basically the same but not the mayors, the activists this time, who’s wishes were ratified by the November Criminals legalizing illegal roadblocks.  Who wants to show a ratified ‘crim’ your personal medical information.   

But let’s be fair.  What these rants really highlight, aside from these people just being hypocritical dicks,  is the acute lack of financial awareness prevalent in NZ (inclusive of the Treasurer).  Approximately 35% of the largest population pool have been surviving on reduced income and increased costs.  Combine this with targeted government policies that are extracting wealth from the population and reducing the availability of ‘free cash’ eg over 40% of all residential landlords reside in Auckland  and are experiencing cash constraints, then there is simply no spare money to prop up the rest of the country (perhaps they can get Fat-boy and Cindy to ask their billionaire friends for some loot while they are at her wedding – even she’s not supporting the provinces – I think the Chinese are tapped out)  .      

Basically the lack of domestic spend is likely to be indicative of two behaviors – less cash and perhaps more likely, really a lot of people cant be arsed dealing with the mask and Covid pass crap (once again well done Cindy) 

The List Gets Longer

Bunnings Memes - Bunnings Memes added a new photo.

Today Mitre 10 banned an unmasked punter.  

I used to spend a fairly decent chunk there maintaining the house, the farm and the office.  

Hope  banning one of the enlightened works for you. I have of course added you to my list of entities that support the November criminals discriminatory mandates and spent my last $ there.

How Safe Do You Feel?

On or around the 5th of June 2022 All Vaccine Passports are deemed expired and they are all issued the same day regardless of how long before you got your poison.

What is interesting is that at various times over the next 6 months everyone’s ‘supposed’ effective cover will expire (surprise surprise they don’t all cover you to 6 June 2022 (D-day ironic Ha)

Note the arbitrary nature of these dates as according to the November criminals, their advisers and the State Funded Propaganda Facilitators the vaccine passport is only good for 6 months. (sorry to labour this but some people don’t get it – see what I did there)

SO for all the vaccine panickers out there here’s a couple of thoughts . As at EO (end of) June 2021 250k people had had the vaccine (expiry December 2021 – already expired?). EO July 675K (expiry January 2022) and EO August nearly 2 million (expiry February 2022).

So by the end of February 2022 2/5th or 20% of the ineffective vaccines taken will be even less effective. Get where this is going

The numbers get real good soon after when by end March over 65% of all vaccines have expired but you are not obligated to get the booster until June 2022. About 60% of people report they only got the Jab because they felt that were black-mailed in some way to get it, and are saying they are not going to get the booster.

If you are a believer don’t panic now, wait till April and then really shit yourself. Bah hah hah haha

Let’s play ‘Jacinda says’ for the week ending 17 December

The difference with this version is Jacinda has actually said each of these things, you don’t have to spot the lie because it didn’t start with  ‘Jacinda says’, except …?

There will be a cycle lane over the harbour bridge

Turns out there won’t be, or a walkway either.  Depending on who and what you believe that means around $785M is now available from ‘funds committed’ to help Fat-boy balance the books. We can ignore the nearly $30M already spent (criminally wasted) on consultants and draft planning (should have just given it to Dalton)

There will be 1800 more policemen

Well it turns out there won’t be.  They qualify around 80 per week (according to the State Funded Propaganda Facilitators) which equates to 3200 (say 40 week) per year and that only matches retirements and resignations. Sort of hard to believe to be honest (and I don’t – some clown straight from press skool made that one up).  But more importantly around 600 (loose use of the number 600 as I suspect the number is more) will be stood down.  The force will in fact be much smaller from when the clown circus was elected.     

There will be 30,000 new houses

Why is this in here, well it turns out there most likely won’t be (this is more of an update on an on-going failure).  National have reviewed their position on housing and word on the street is, if this goes though the volume of sub-standard housing stock is set to match the USSR and the Eastern block by 2025 (sorry that’s exactly what JA wants)  

Adoption of 3 waters will be voluntary  

In defence of her parties position to force through ‘3 Waters’ she proved this week that she is not only a liar, but not even a good liar.  After spending over $30m on and adverting campaign trying to convince voluntary adoption of this policy, JA told the press that of they looked at her cabinet notes of May they would see she always intended to ‘force it through’ if there was no voluntary by-in.  So was this a lie?  Well hard to say.  There was enough rhetoric from the junta to say that councils had a choice, all but 4 I think have said no, but was it from JA or was it the Organ Grinder (Mahuta).  If it’s not a lie then it was a textbook example of duplicity, diversion and dishonesty and a criminal waste of tax payers money.

Good news, David and Chris,  you still have time the work on the Greens and a couple of the other November criminals and try to take this gummint down.

Scared Yet!

Having reviewed the TV One and Government position on ‘books’ I gasped at the incredulity of such statements.

Banning books is one step away from burning books.  The fact the newsreaders can read this stuff out and not be horrified shows that the qualification for becoming a reporter needs to be down-graded in Academia. 

Having watched JA’s contribution to the world forum on Democracy, in which she tried to sell the message that ‘Democracy’ has changed, I have fatefully and finally concluded we live in nothing more than an Banana Republic and quasi-Dictatorship.

Democracy has not changed.  By definition it cannot. What has changed is what a government (this government) tries to disguise as democratic, using phrases akin to, “…it’s the will of the people…”  Or “…you elected us to…..”

Where that gets further bastardised is when policy is set by some obscure set of values and whims, in truth valid only in the mind of the leaders of the state, or their close advisors, that then become the ‘will of the people’ (several times we have heard her say – “…it’s what people are telling me they want…” This is then further  justified on the grounds that they were ‘elected’ to do this or that (but they had almost no policy before the last election and what they had they have failed to provide – so we didn’t vote for what we have now)

Where this gets even scarier is when they take extreme or duplicitous measures to protect their views and their power.

We are still compiling our comparative list as to how Ardern’s behaviour is representative of a Dictator (Hitler in particular), but she just keeps adding to it daily.  

If we do indeed get to banning books, then other than going to war and providing cheap Vodka, there is nothing left for this Junta to emulate in its move to Communism or National Socialism.

Labours House Policy in-action

We have talked at length about the plain ole porky pies the current Junta a spewing out.

So perhaps its timely we a take a quick recap of some of the laws they have passed that have just plain not worked, were/are inconsistent with common sense, or had proven to be failures elsewhere n the world  before the clown circus decided that, in their arrogance, they will work here.  We have done the Covid ones to death (get it – black humour – see what I did there), like Mask mandates and mandated vaccines that don’t protect you, so these will be omitted.


Policy Intent:   Control property prices

Loss ring-fencing:  Tried in the UK and Australia, as both a federal tax and on a State by state basis.  Even in a consumption based economy like Australia these did not work.  One state, Victoria, was able to monitor the cash lock up and damage done to the cash cycle (money flow) and imposed them and removed them before they became effective as landlords put up rents and stopped spending in the rest of the State economy to save up for the tax.   FAILED

Removal of Interest deductibility.  Current law in the UK.  Several universities have done studies around the effects of this change.  Several obvious behaviours have emerged.  As above landlords have bumped up rents and locked up spending elsewhere in the economy.  As most people rent , increased rents have also locked up spending from tenants in the wider economy damaging the innate value of the ‘market’ as a whole.  Landlords have also stopped spending on the properties themselves with UK central banks observing house price deflation which was the intent of the policy, but was more to do with the growth in poorly maintained housing stock, as opposed to buyer preference and other economic forces (Ironically still buyer preference as who wants to buy a shithole previously rented out and not maintained).  The UK are looking at reinstating Interest deductibility as this policy has FAILED. 

Thank you Opotiki

I have trained my children to think,  I guess that’s why I spend more time in the Headmasters office now that when I was at skool (there are 2 of them and only one of me, even I could not have been much more of a ratbag)

They have asked me to add Opotiki to Northland as another place I need to remind them to never spend any money in ever again.

Always like good questions from the young.  Shouldn’t Aucklanders find a way to stop paying tax if we have to support these sh*t-holes?

Lets have some good news – for me

The hidden benefit of being a victim of NZ’s official discrimination policy.   

True to my word I am yet to go to a Pub, Café or restaurant that discriminates (unlike one of my friends who I know their V status is dubious, ah hem!).

As part of my Christmas Doo day I had booked my staff onto an event that takes place completely outdoors, an event where there is no legal obligation to follow the mandates.  When, as a group, they were asked for their ‘Papers’ they all objected (much to my surprise).  They agreed if we all can’t go then they won’t either and they (not me) then canned the lunch that was to follow 

I think I will run this like the comedy show “2 Broke Girls”  

Ka-ching:               Course 7x$259,  Staff lunch last time we were at XXXXXX ($1,987.50).    

Money not spent in December because of illegal Covid mandate  $3,800.5.  (and yes I have converted it to units in an overseas fund – ah feels good to fulfil a promise I made – if Jacinda wants to know what that’s like – she can call me)

Interesting or Not

Even though the law was passed last week, tomorrow the majority of our population meekly and subserviently move into formalised and active discrimination. 

Over yesterday and today various organisations in which I hold active and/or honorary memberships have sent out their rules as to how they intend to comply with NZ’s equivalent of the Nuremburg Laws,  passed by the November criminals.

While I have been sending out resignations as appropriate, I considered how many of these organisations bent over backwards to facilitate smokers (on the grounds it was their right to smoke) but are happy making no provision for the unvaccinated or those who are becoming my heroes, those who simply absolutely refuse to disclose their private medical status to anyone else and are suffering along with the unvaccinated..      

Where is the difference?  The choice? The vaccine?  The durrie?  

Oh well, I guess I will be sending the 30K I spend annually with clients on Entertainment and Sponsorships, to my overseas investment fund (cant have these clowns benefitting from my savings)   


Thats it we are doomed

After my last blutgh (vomiting noise) on Ardern, I never ever thought I would get to this one.

During 1936-1938  Hitler and Goering purchased complicity in their divisive political agenda by giving away free vouchers for holiday’s, cruises and privately owned cultural events.

Consider this along with all our previous referenced behaviour likening Ardern to Hitler, read in conjunction with her passing the NZ equivalent of the Nuremburg proclamation, illegal laws formed in direct contravention of the UN convention on Civil rights, where we now discriminate against our own version of the GEW (the Generally Endangering Wellness – in her opinion)

We have one chance.  

Someone Arrest her Now.

We will publish the complete works of Ardern’s move to National Socialism shortly, the parallels are eerie.

Circumstantial Evidence

Increasingly, in the under educated political environment pervasive in NZ, circumstantial evidence is clearly enough to constitute good ‘evidence’.  (Sits somewhere above Rumours but below actual evidence on the crap-o-meter)

In fairness the modern resident in this cuntree has a defence with regards to their capacity to be hoodwinked and shylocked by something resembling ‘evidence’ .  

We have not had a great track record as in the past circumstantial evidence has indeed been enough to convict Scott Watson and Peter Ellis (we are not saying they were innocent), and in the greatest case, even knowingly planted circumstantial evidence was enough to convict Arthur Allen Thomas.    

Daily we are falling for the line “…if you get Covid and have had the  vaccine you will have a lesser does of Covid.”  Again could be true, might not be, but basically an untestable hypothesis with all publications acknowledging their assertion is based on,  you guessed it,  circumstantial evidence.

So why raise this now.  Well we seem to have reached a disgraceful new editorial low in our brief history here at Planet-b.

Stuff are copying of us.  

Yep you heard it here.  Over the last few weeks there have been 7 examples where the very next day after we published an item, Stuff published something similar.  Two in the last three days with the content very very close.  

Circumstantial evidence? mmmmmmm

Now, my fellow authors argue that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, but as we have gone to great lengths to pan the crap Stuff publish, we clearly need to lower our standards and be far more offense.  

Sorry guys we are working on it for you.

Their Hypocrisy knows no bounds

These quotes are straight from Labours parliamentary page linked above

“All people are entitled to dignity, self-respect and the opportunity to work.”

“Peace and social justice should be promoted throughout the world by international co-operation and mutual respect.”

“The same basic human rights, protected by the State, apply to all people, regardless or race, sex, marital status, sexual orientation, gender identity, age, religious faith, political belief or disability.”

Well I guess they would argue up to the point we change the rules and breach UN Covenants.


As early as they could get it out Amnesty International expressed concerns at the manner and rapidity that the current Junta passed laws discriminating against a statistically significant segment of NZ society who are doing little more than exercising their free choice.  

Now some might argue that 8%-9% is not significant but pretty much all Statistic’s textbooks set significance at 5% and we are talking 8-9% of out fellow countrymen. Our MP’s would know that if any of them had proper or post graduate qualifications.  If you put it in real numbers, it is between 335,000 and 385,000 New Zealanders that are now ‘standing on the outside’ 

At this point I could go into any lengthy diatribe, but let’s keep it simple (Just in case an MP reads this we went them to understand. THE UN International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, in it’s preamble simply says the States under this charter shall “…promote universal respect for, and observance of, human rights and freedoms.”

Pretty simple, the Mandated discrimination passed under urgency, and all the laws passed and aggregated together to remove those freedoms (these real but misused powers provided under the Health Act) are not only a disgrace to the country but a breach of the UN Covenant , so to assist Amnesty International, we have compiled a potential list for possible prosecutions of New Zealand’s November Criminals, as follows…  

  • Kiritapu Allen
  • Virginia Andersen
  • Jacinda Ardern
  • Camilla Belich
  • Glen Bennett
  • Rachel Boyack
  • Rachel Brooking
  • Naisi Chen
  • David Clark
  • Tamati Coffey
  • Liz Craig
  • Kelvin Davis
  • Paul Eagle
  • Barbara Edmonds
  • Kris Faafoi
  • Shanan Halbert
  • Peeni Henare
  • Emily Henderson
  • Chris Hipkins
  • Willie Jackson
  • Anahila Kanongata’a-Suisuiki
  • Ingrid Leary
  • Neru Leavasa
  • Steph Lewis
  • Andrew Little
  • Anna Lorck
  • Marja Lubeck
  • Jo Luxton
  • Nanaia Mahuta
  • Trevor Mallard
  • Kieran McAnulty
  • Tracey McLellan
  • Stuart Nash
  • Terisa Ngobi
  • Damien O’Connor
  • Greg O’Connor
  • Ibrahim Omer
  • Sarah Pallett
  • David Parker
  • Willow-Jean Prime
  • Priyanca Radhakrishnan
  • Angela Roberts
  • Grant Robertson
  • Adrian Rurawhe
  • Deborah Russell
  • Jenny Salesa
  • Carmel Sepuloni
  • Gaurav Sharma
  • Jamie Strange
  • Aupito William Sio
  • Jan Tinetti
  • Rino Tirikatene
  • Phil Twyford
  • Tangi Utikere
  • Ayesha Verrall
  • Louisa Wall
  • Vanushi Walters
  • Angie Warren Clark
  • Duncan Webb
  • Meka Whaitiri
  • Helen White
  • Arena Williams
  • Poto Williams
  • Michael Wood
  • Megan Woods

Each and every prson who voted for the imposition of the Laws to allow for the Discrimination of any New Zealander, for any reason, and in any way must first answer to their own uneducated conscience in the first instance, and the UN on behalf of mankind.  

It’s now no longer a surprise these guys funded the Taliban.

We have also included for further consideration their accessories…  

  • Marama Davidson
  • Julie Anne Genter
  • Golriz Ghahraman
  • Elizabeth Kerekere
  • Jan Logie
  • Ricardo Menéndez March
  • Eugenie Sage
  • James Shaw
  • Chloe Swarbrick
  • Teanau Tuiono

These are a particularly egregious bunch of moral desperados and hypocrites. Voting for this legislation confirms beyond doubt there are no Greenies left in NZ

The Age of Omicron

You can imagine the excitement at the WHO when they get to name a new child virus variant.

The naming of this new Corona variant sounds like it must have been given to a Star Trek fan. I will name you the Omicron and you will destroy the world!

The reality however, is they just stick to the Greek Alphabet. Next will be Phi.

However it seems there were some decisions made about omitting one letter, rather than staying with the traditional order of Greek letters see if you can guess which one was excluded

Omicron definitely sounds more serious than a few of its predecessors such as Mu or Iota though. Not to mention Phi.

Easier to get a day off work with a dose of the Omicron. OMG the Omicron got me.

Much better than ringing up the office with a dose of the Mu, “the what? I have a case of the Mu so better not come to work today”

Mad Cow more like it. Speaking of Mad Cows, Ardern’s response to this virus, if we were in the reality of a parallel universe, one where the globalist takeover wasn’t the hip thing for young politicians to subscribe to. We wouldn’t be in lock-downs, or ruining freedoms and economies, we would just stay away from work.

In Sweden they were told not to go to work if they were unwell. How did that work out for them? seems now they are the poster child of pandemic responses. But the media won’t want to admit that will they?. How dare they not lock down and still get a better result than any other comparible European country?

Anyway back to the Omicron

How long before this is the new Delta? Michael Baker is playing it down, urging for calm. Maybe he didn’t get an invite to Ardern’s wedding so is being rebellious. Grant Robertson has wasted no time spreading the fear saying it’s a great example of that we are a long way away from the end of the pandemic.

So if we are 90% vaccinated and are ready for the arrival with ICU beds, new medications that work suspiciasly like Ivermectin, why are we a long way off Grant? oh yes the control through fear mantra.

77 people in hospital and 8 in ICU, after having well over 100 new cases per day now for over a month. 13 deaths so far in November including one person shot (by a gun not a needle). These aren’t people dying of covid, they are dying with it and they are also dying with the shot (the actual jab)as well as gun shots. what a confusing world we live in. Particularly if you are a statistician for Medsafe where all your conclusive evidence keeps vanishing.

Try telling them that the CDC claimed that 83% of COVID deaths died with covid. Blank face under a mask.

And what did the CDC say about masks again. oh yeah they are more harm than they are good. We are back to Mad Cows again aren’t we?

So I’m off to explore the new black market opening up in a town near you. We need a special handshake – probably just a “hand shake” will do, as a vaccinated person would never shake hands. They need protecting from that sort of carry on don’t they now they have had the jab.

Its only fair they feel safe

Nice weekend all.

Genuine questions being asked out there

Hi (accountant),  do I have to declare the income on a haircut on an unvaccinated person, ie a haircut that never happened?

Hi (accountant), as I no longer advertise on Escortify and have been seeing my regular clients all year, do I have to declare my income on appointments that ‘never’ happened?  

Hi (accountant) over lock-down I used my private function room for some illegal lock-in’s. I have some unvaccinated mates I am going to do this for,  do I declare that income?

Unvaccinated client.  As I am having private and public services denied to me, do I have to pay tax?

Interesting that for a government that as done everything to kill off the black markets (might be a  racist reference – woke woke woke (like coughing)), yesterday they created an environment where supposedly ‘second class’ citizens have no choice but to source services in some form a seedy under-world – how Soviet of them. 

Well I guess we are not queuing for shops, services and supermarkets.   oh we are? 

We must protect the privacy of the dead, but not the living

Does Bloomfield even believe some of the garbage coming out of his mouth.

They cannot divulge the vaccination status of the dead, but if you want a haircut or do anything else then your medical privacy is out the window – unless you are dead of course

I used to go out with a hairdresser and she said to me that I am dead to her. Perfect she can cut my hair as my vaccination status is protected under these increasingly bizare response regulations.

If only I had her number.

I guess it is back to the clippers in the mirror.

Back to the Future

Couldn’t help myself.  As NZ moves into a new era of State approved discrimination I went back and found an interview from every decade from the 50’s where interviewers asked ‘normal people’ about their attitudes to various minority groups (see how many are from NZ)

As we now officially discriminate against the GEWs (those Generally Endangering Wellness), here are some snippets from the Rednecks of the past to help the Redneck’s of NZ’s tomorrow (literally tomorrow).

1950’s European Women in Alabama  “…why I don’t have anything against (Ni..ers) and some of my friends are (n), I just think they need to understand it’s not their place….”

1960’s Interview with former leading NAZI “… well you don’t understand, you see, I did not know why they were in prison, they could have been a criminal or a Jew, they were in prison and I used their labour on….”

1970’s Interview with ‘everyday Kiwi’ about a leading NZ Activist “… Mr Hart just needs to let it be, we have no place interfering in politics and sport in South Africa….”

1980’s Herbert Fitzpatrick (joke name I suspect – given it was for the Homosexual Law reform bill.) TVNZ interview.   “…they can put whatever they like in whoever they like, just not around me, or in my house.”

1990’s Interview with an NZRFU official after the President of SARFU announced they would no longer allow the Maori All Blacks to tour as it is a racially selected team.   “…yeh well we’ll see about that won’t we, when we won’t allow ….

2000’s  What do you expect after 9/11  (way too many to reference)

2010’s Maori MP in NZ.  “Yep, she can date, one but I’d disown her if she married one and she certainly can’t bring him to my house….”    

Once again seems history to be able to provide ample evidence from every decade of what a loving and forgiving blot on the landscape that is human kind  

From tomorrow Air NZ have advised their new landing greeting is: 

Nau mai ki Redneck Aotearoa

One for the Histroy (deliberate) Buks.

From the opening of the first Hairdressing Salon or Barber that enforces the vaccine mandate, NZ’s official policy is one of DISCRIMINATION.  (backed by the cops too and aunty Cindy said to give them a call – however you better check the cop is vaccinated, as it is statistically unlikely – ha ha ha ha ha ha  – sorry, this is so insane, I have to laugh at some of this stuff) 

WELL DONE NZ, this makes us literally no better than any tin-pot 3rd world dictatorship aspiring to achieve the heady heights of Soviet Stalinism or Nazi Germany.  All done today through the innocuous medium of a Hair Dresser or Barber giving a haircut (best way too- good work Cindy start small)  

I’d like to call this Black Thursday, or even an early start to Black Friday, but it seems to be lost on the Woke-tards that that is racist to Thursday and Friday.  (oh but this is fine because it’s legal to discriminate in NZ now –  silly me.)

In fact on behalf of my Aboriginal cousins, Black Thursday and Black Friday, I am off to find a complaint form from the Race Relations conciliator – as this hurts my feelings, but on their behalf (is that woke-tard enough?  Being offended for cousins I just made up)

By the way I don’t give a rats nut it you have had one, two, three or 21 vaccinations, overseas evidence tells us, that as vaccinated people mingle they will infect each other at exactly the same rates as any mathematical set or subset of vaccinated and unvaccinated people. 

World data already tells us this is now a pandemic of the vaccinated, who because they were dumb (or self-righteous) and believed everything they were told, now simply can’t face being WRONG (eh David Seymour),  they can now only blame the unvaccinated.