Careful what you wish for

Recently reviewing all of the Get Vaxxed literature and the possible adoption of vax cards and passports, even though they have increased transmission overseas and as usual NZ are looking to adopt something after it has been proven a failure, I arrived at the conclusion we need to make a few more changes.  

I am not sure we can do any more Dobbing but then I thought maybe we could.  Rather that offer incentives to get vaccinated lets’ reclassify all of the unvaccinated as Generally Endangering Wellness (GEW – pronounced with a hard G) and then offer incentives for reporting GEW’s to the medical authorities.  

To ensure the GEW’s stand out so non-Gew’s can avoid them we can get Leo Molloy to issue them a special T-Shirt that clearly identifies them as a GEW and make it compulsory they wear them at all times (as a Yankees fan maybe a blue and white pinstripe number with a Large G over the Left Breast pocket).

Just in case they don’t wear it then make sure they are issued an un-vaccinated (GEW ID Card) card.  The good news is, as they can’t travel overseas, they can’t buy one from the Indian guy at Mumbai airport that was selling fake covid entry certificates for travellers to NZ for $5 USD.  

If that doesn’t work we deny them the basic necessities of life by not only refusing them entry into social events, but also skools, supermarkets and hospitals and just generally approving all methods of discriminating against GEW’s.

Finally let’s build areas in each city, fenced off and make them all live there.      

Careful NZ.  Where do we start and stop?

Molly article incomplete

Schmee has pointed out my analysis of Leo Molloys article was incomplete, he writes….

It is not often I disagree with my fellow Authors but your views on HQ and its erstwhile trainee mayoral muppet appear to be reactionary and incomplete.

While I agree with the boycott of HQ and all things Leo Molloy, I would do it for a good reason like “I find his establishment derivative and soulless”, not because of his hypocrisy and flip flop on vaccinations, as that is where he shines as a political aspirant.

Lets recap, in the week ending 19 September he was all for not allowing unvaccinated people in his establishment at all.  Then in the week ending 26 September he is now silent on allowing in the unvaccinated, but is going to delineate his staff by making them wear different shirts, vaxxed and un-vaxxed. 

I assume then he plans to get the un-vaxxed to serve the un-vaxxed, who wont be there anyway, and the vaxxed to serve the vaxxed.  Or is he going to get the un-vaxxed and vaxxed to serve the vaxxed only.  Or is he going to allow everyone in and everyone will serve everyone, and the shirts are just futile and nothing more than pointless grandstanding.   

See he clearly has not thought this through before he opened his mouth, a perfect politician.

Strike Headquarters off your list of restaurants to visit

Controversial businessman Leo Molloy wants to segregate vaccinated and non-vaccinated staff

Leo Molly thinks it’s okay to dress people differently at his restaurant if they are unvaccinated.

I think giving his Headquarters restaurant a wide birth is a better idea.

Leo also thinks running for Mayor is a good idea.

Leo is a good at showing everyone how much of fuckwit he really is.

New Zealand needs less Leo’s and less of his establishments if he thinks it’s okay to abuse human rights

Latest NHS technical briefing

They have added a graph showing the efficacy of the various vaccines for infection, symptomatic disease, hospitalisation and mortality.

At this stage the vaccine is holding up very well for the prevention of all four of the aforementioned categories.

It gives the following statement as to how time will play out with this statistics

*Estimates of initial vaccine effectiveness in the general population after a 2-dose course. This typically applies for at least the first 3-4 months after vaccination. For some outcomes there may be waning of effectiveness beyond this point.

So this will be interesting to watch.

The delta variant continues to be extremely low on deaths for the unvaccinated with over 1,800 surviving for every death.

So whilst the vaccine stops death at a 90-99% rate I am wondering what you would say about the unvaccinated surviving at a current rate of 99.71%

Also the high infection rate in Israel is reason to keep an eye on the efficacy chart over time.

As always, these data sets bring up more questions than answers.

Is survivability up from the effects of the vaccines, or is it the Delta variant is less lethal.

The data from this technical briefing supports both hypothesis.

As always my concern is the long term health issues, which as much as everyone is at pains to say there is none, the reality is we are more than 12 months away from being able to even start to assess this.

The way I see it is a the Delta variant is more our friend more than our enemy. Fatality rates are low for both the vaccinated and the unvaccinated except for with the elderly which have always been the issue with respiratory diseases.

Best practise is avoid your fellow man if you have a runny nose, sore through, cough or are feeling unwell with any part of your respiratory system. Regardless if you are vaccinated or not.

A detailed age and comorbidity analysis of the deaths would be useful in this study, as it’s only broken into under 50 years old versus over 50. There is a big difference between a healthy 50 year old catching the Delta variant versus a frail 90 year old.

Unvaccinated under 50 year olds have a survival rate of 99.953% of the Delta variant

Match that statistic to the chances of myocarditis or clots etc is still a valid discussion that needs to be had.

Copy of report below

Point well missed

Have just finished reading Chippy Hipkins attempt to belittle John Keys article.

Regardless of the content in either article, what our friendly Alfred E Neuman Look-alike has done is, almost as predicted, missed the most important of the 3 messages.

The three messages from this article are two for the Labour party (1) & (2) and one (3) for his old Party.

1.  The entire covid respnse to date has been an expensive mis-manage shambles.  Good thing the statement is correct and Chippy got the point and unleashed the usual Labour response – play the man.

2. You can improve your efforts in vaccinating by offering incentives rather than make threats and repeating ineffective messages demeaning the unvaccinated.

3. His reference to any effective alternative was to ACT, not National 

Wakey Wakey Judith


So what did the Maricopa Audit uncover.

Did the Audit uncover that Biden actually won with a greater margin than before the Audit?

Seems the hand recount had Biden win the County.

However the things that it uncovered also suggests the Arizona result shouldn’t have been certified.

  • 17,000 duplicate votes where somehow people were able to vote multiple times
  • 57,000 votes with issues such as more mail out ballots received than were sent out or sent from addresses where that person doesn’t live
  • This total of over 70,000 dodgy votes is well above the margin of Biden’s victory being 10,457

The state supervisors not providing all the info required to complete the audit means the audit is an ongoing affair.

Deleted files, poorly protected computer systems and internet access to the electoral systems all need further scrutiny.

Also the analysis of the paper ballots is still ongoing.

Was it the moment of truth? I think it showed how fragile the election system is, but I am not certain they convinced the nation that Trump won Arizona.

REASONS TO DECERTIFY AZ – THE LIST: 70,000 Duplicated, Fraudulent, Illegal or Ghost Ballots (7 Times Biden’s Margin of Victory), Devices Missing, Data Deleted, Criminal Acts Referred to Authorities

One thing is for sure, this issue isn’t going away just yet.

Dumb versus Dumber

Greta Thunberg, the climate sensation who has done as much for climate change as Abba did for death metal, has criticised Ardern.

Seems the Swedish brat has become as disappointed as half of the New Zealanders who proudly voted Labour last election, even though I’m yet to meet a farmer who admits they voted for Ardern. But I digress.

After Greta’s now famous “how dare you” speech, she probably took some gratification from Ardern stupidly calling Climate change both a “life and death” situation and her “nuclear moment.“

Realistically, the best achievement of Ardern’s government is her absolute failure to meaningfully punish the team of 5,000,000 for the trumped up dilemma called climate change.

Never before has Ardern’s failure to achieve on her promises been more beneficial to New Zealanders.

Methane is Co2’s poorer cousin, who has as about as much affect on climate change as fart has on the air quality in Rotorua.

Not only is methane the biggest red herring when it comes to climate change, but without our industry that produces the most of the man made portion of the substance (farming), New Zealand would be much poorer if this industry was put under even more climate mitigation pressure.

We already have pissed off the farmers to breaking point, with policies that are as much based on science as using Chinese aphrodisiacs to preserve rhinoceros populations globally.

So the fact Sweden’s most famous Asperger autistic juvenile twerp is having a tizzy at New Zealand’s most concerned face, is nothing but a cause for celebration.

And before you say how dare you, here is a piece we penned on methane a while back putting this fart gas in prospective to the greater atmosphere.

The Methane Myth and its lunacy