China has a vaccine trial

And it’s being done in New Zealand to boot.

Given they probably have the most data on the virus due it it being studies in Wuhan near a wet market, perhaps they will have the best solution…

You have to love the reason we are the Guinea Pig nation.

“Wynne said New Zealand was seen as a good place to run a clinical trial because it had a good health system, had a compliant population and could produce high quality research data for the pharmaceutical industry.”


Compliant Kiwi’s

Well at least this vaccine is a more advanced vaccine that is less susceptible to mutations rendering it useless, such as the current Pfizer one.

The issue is still how fast these vaccines are going through the system.

Long term effects require “time” to evaluate the outcomes.

There are numerous studies being done on treatment solutions that totally reduces the urgency on rushing out vaccines. but hey they don’t make money for pharma companies.

If you ever needed more evidence that it is not outcomes of health but outcomes for shareholders, this pandemic (coupled with the swine flu in 2009), is good evidence of that.

I am an advocate of vaccines for proper use.

Trouble is the more you investigate certain uses of vaccines, the less data you find on how urgent they were.

The 2009 rushed vaccine for high risk populations ended up in costly legal issues for some European countries. And turned out to be not required, as it wasn’t a pandemic.

Anyway if you want to be part of this trial there is a $3,000 earn in it.

Easy money…

Rant: Why globalism isn’t the answer

If there is anything we can learn from the COVID pandemic, is that globalism doesn’t work.

While governments around the world are hailing the benefits of mass gene therapy, we are learning that the readily available cheap medicines, that are now known effective treatments, were unnecessarily banned from being spoken about.

Zuckerberg gave Dr. Fauci the old, “Hey Tony, want some help with some propaganda?” and the global population turned on Hydrochloroquine and the other treatments we now are funding tom study – little late now we have purchased zillions of gene therapy jabs

Whilst I was doing research for an article I wrote on the history of Hydroxychloroquine, I went to our own pharmac’s website, which had a warning that HCQ didn’t work, how did that work out Pharmac? HCQ at $10 a serve seems like a pretty good option now doesn’t it?

How did they come to that conclusion exactly? No one in Pharmac, or in our medical fraternity, could have known this. Michael Baker knew did he? if it doesn’t lead to a lock down, he cares not.

So this information was fed to them from our global networks. It has now been deleted from Parmac’s webpage, but why did they do it?

Through the global advisory networks, such as the WHO and “respected” health officials, like the now discredited Dr Fauci, our smaller global nation governments obviously towed the line.

Thanks Chippie, Ardern, Bloomfield. We owe you our gratitude, thanks for your temporary pay decrease too. was a big help to the intergenerational debt we now have.

Rather than listening to 10’s of thousands of medical practitioners, who vehemently insisted HCQ was showing good results. Instead, Facebook assisted The Government in discrediting it in favour of what?

A costly experimental gene therapy injection that has unknown long term health effects, unkown lasting efficacy and likely a now annual event – unless of course our newly programmed gentic material finishes what the virus couldn’t. what a cracking idea.

Globalism would be fine, if you could trust the leaders to have the good of all of the worlds children’s at heart. But we all know that they don’t. No number of eggs broken matters with the kind of omelette these globalists want to stuff in their back pocket.

Unfortunately greed and the negative sides of capitalism mean that neither socialism or capitalism will steer us to a harmonious global governance. Humans get in the way.

Players like Russia, China, the US and to a lessor degree the European Union, all mean that there will never be an “all for one and one for all” global community.

There is a reason books like 1984 and Animal farm are still best sellers today.

George Orwell was a socialist who saw what the dangers of communism and the wars to fight for these ideals would mean.

He saw first hand the worst of tribal politics and in moments of genius, wrote some of the most incredible insights into human nature.

There will be many who don’t see what has just gone on in the world. That blindly follow the so called “settled Science” believing that these agendas are there to protect our future generations. Oh but they are.

They now are blinded by the tribal politics that has become part of life. I just saw someone again say, the Nats would have done it worse. Gee thanks, that helps me sleep better at night.

Look at a Ponsonby bar who threw a MAGA party last year, and even though the politics of the US could hardly be further from NZ, the cancel culture woke brigade gave this bar national headlines. For what? yep you guessed it, being racist. Oh that old chestnut. how confused they must get when they see a black man wearing a MAGA hat.

The world is going increasingly insane, and there is no need for us to participate in this woke culture that says you are and “old white man” if you disagree with them.

We don’t want or need the likes of Ardern glueing the fabric of our society to these globalist agenda driven tyrants.

Time to look after our own needs and trust our own judgment. We can vote Ardern out, or the next one after her if we don’t agree. But we cant vote for anything the UN want to inflict on us to appease their masters greed.

How about we look in the mirror rather than out the window and focus on a proper education for our kids, stop the participation awards and the sins of our fathers bollix. Let’s balance up our education system with some more people who aren’t on a mission to rewrite our history and ban everything that reminds them of their own inadequacies.

Vilifying our forefathers who can’t defend themselves for your own perceived guilt is a product of your own perceived incompetence, so don’t project them on my children thank you.

Fuck off with your climate emergencies, Fuck of with your constant accusations of racism divide and conquer tyranny and fuck off with your hate speech cancel culture being offended by everything for others bull shit.

You know what, Just fuck off……Please (where’s my manners).

Rant over

Lies, Damn Lies and Statistics

Michael Baker is our award collecting “leading” expert on COVID

He is one of those academics who likely salivates every time the phone rings in case its someone from the complicit media, or an academic to tell him he has been nominated for another award.

Anyway, he managed to get his name in the paper again today where the new buzz word is the “Delta” variant.

Whether or not this is a variant we need to be concerned about, there are some statistics we can look at to get a better grasp of the “India problem” where this variant is supposedly causing havoc

It seems that every mutation is more contagious than the last and good reason to bring back the fear. But lets look at the origin of this variant and what’s really going on with their proportionally superior population

lets compare the U.K. to India and their statistics of the goings on in the past few weeks.

The UK has almost hit 50% of the population that has been fully vaccinated and is currently having an increase in cases.

India has vaccinated 3.7% of their population and has experienced a sizable decrease in infections

Note; the y axis is 5 X greater for the Indian data and India’s population is 20 X that of the UK. So the peak of 400,000 new cases ifor India is comparable to reaching a peak of 20,000 if you adjust for the difference in population. This is over 3 X less than the U.K’s peak of 67,000 daily cases.

The three day moving average in India is currently 50,231 and decreasing rapidly. Again, population adjusted, this gives you 2,511 new cases per day if the population was the same as the U.K. The U’K’ s 3 day average is at now10,080 and rapidly rising.

Then we have the death rates

Here is the death per million stats for the two nations

  • UK 1,876 deaths per million people
  • India 289 deaths per million people

While it is likely the reporting in India isn’t as accurate as that in the UK, even with a large degree of inaccuracy it iois still proportionately more of an issue in this first world rapidly vaccinated country of the UK over the third world effects in India.

But all the media wants to talk about is India, India, India and of course the new variant.

How long before Michael “lock down” Baker has us firmly in the grip of restricted movements again?

Anyway just keeping you abreast of the propaganda machine at work

Misinformation on Misinformation

Your body your choice. But don’t you dare seek multiple sources of information to help you decide.

The one source of truth strikes again.

Please enjoy the linked presentations from one of our brave doctors as she helps keep our eyes open to the realities of our current pandemic.

As always, seek your own medical advice as to how you proceed with vaccinations.

Our goal is to show just how much our leaders, media and academia are willing to pull the wool over your eyes.

This latest presentation from Dr Sam covers almost all our favourite subjects.

Link below

Pay-back’s a bitch!

Trump for speaker of the house.?

This is actually quite a realistic opportunity for Trump.

He was the most popular Republican as a President and is still flying high in his popularity.

So let’s say he did make his way into the Speaker of the house with a more loyal set of house lawmakers around him.

The reality of Republicans winning the house back is very high. Assuming the elections are run fair and square of course.

It is very easy to conceive that Trump would be able to use his popularity to get a spot as a house Republican and get elected to speaker of the house.

He is still working hard on replacing RINO’s to get a more favourable group of Republican representatives in both the lower and upper house.

Even if he isn’t overly qualified for the job as lawmaker he is still able to sit.

What would likely happen if this all falls into place for Trump is even more interesting.

Could he impeach Biden and Harris on the back of some sketchy election Audit results in the swing states?

Or just have them removed if the audits show it was actually Trump that won the 2020 election?

In this scenario of both the POTUS and VP being removed, the speaker of the house being number three in the pecking order, would become the ….Presidential the United States of America.

This is of course quite a series of events but it is not by any means a stretch of the imagination.

Trump has made it clear that revenge is one of his MO’s and this would be a dish served up at many temperatures if he pulled it off.

Just imagine it…

Fake Science and Politics

As many of you know by now, I’ve been saying this for years – and being called a denier for my efforts. However, more scrutiny is being placed on our policy makers claims of climate emergency and it turns out our policy makers are the ones in denial.

An assessment of the Government published National Climate Change Risk Assessment finds the document not based on Science

Share this wide and with all.

Click to access NCCRAriskassessment.pdf

“Our review of the NCCRA found that for the most part, the assessements were not

based on the ‘best available evidence’ and often consisted of little more than a

recitation of the ‘five horsemen of the apocalypse’: more extreme weather events,

more drought, more river flooding, higher sea levels, and more wildfires, followed by

unsubstantiated claims that they will have either major or extreme consequences”

The thing that everybody seems to miss is observable data. With policy makers and the media skewing the data received from scientists, we are left believing all degrees of nonsense in the absence of genuine assessments of the globe.

Its great to see a proper analysis done of a climate report that we as tax payers will ultimately have to pay for.

This paragraph says it all

“Our assessment of the NCCRA report is that it lacks sound analytical foundations and

is largely a highly subjective, and some times a dishonest exercise that systematically

exaggerates the risks. Contrary to the risk assessment title of the report it is not a risk

assessment at all. Risk requires a consideration of both consequences of an event

and the probability that the event will occur. The NCCRA simply leaves out the

probability assessement and presents a series of more or less extreme scenarios with

likelihoods ranging from just possible to very remote, as being ‘plausible’.”

Let’s see if the media pick up on this. We know Stuff wont as they are so firmly in denial they wont even publish material that goes against the climate emergency diatribe.

Some good news for a change

One of the best kept secrets of our globe is that the earth has been greening. More plants is typically a good thing but plenty of people find ways of turning this increase into a negative. Recently I was told that its the wrong types of plants that are growing and that is a bad thing. The reality is there are positve increses in both grasslands and forests but thats another discussion.

Let’s look at one area that all the arm chair eco warriors love to throw at you when you tell them to keep their chins up. The Amazon.

We all remember learning as children the devastation occurring to the Amazon and that it was where all our oxygen comes from etc.

Well it seems that the locals paid attention and there has been work done to learn more about the plight of the Amazon Jungle.

Since the 1980’s it was difficult to know the state of the large tropical forest and in more recent times it was still not known what was the true extent of the forest, recovery and new forests planted.

this is until August last year where a PhD graduate at the Brazilian institute for Space Research took a look at his map he had created of Brazils secondary forests.

“About a third of Brazil’s lost forests have recovered naturally, an area approximately the size of the United Kingdom — 262,791 square kilometers (101,464 square miles), according to the map Junior published in a recent study in the journal Scientific Data in collaboration with 11 other researchers.”

The reality is Trees grow back, but this fact on its own is meaningless. There are other issues with forestry such as loss of habitat, forest fires and creating a balance between reforestation and cutting down timber.

The real good news with this is not just that the forest can recover and that there is the ambition to plant more trees. But the fact that it is now measurable and more importantly manageable, means that planting and felling, as well as proper management of the asset can easily be achieved by local authorities.

It is once again a sign that money and effort spent in the best areas, is how we will help preserve life on earth.

Its a good read linked below

Mike King learning the difference between announcements and results

Our PM is the queen of spin. However, just like a compulsive liar, the perpetrator of non truths soon get stuck in their own web of deceit.

Labour burst on the scene in 2017, freshly garnered with the ability to fix all the social injustices they had bemoaned from the opposition benches.

Of course it is fine to make bold announcements in the early days when you embark on your journey to lead your country, but at some point announcements need to be replaced by action and then results. You then get judged on those results.

Announcements and relabelled departments and documents don’t bring different outcomes. In acting a carefully considered strategy is what alters the destination

The absolute picture child of virtue signalling and cluelessness is the labelling of the annual government budget the Well-being Budget.

It’s about as useful as writing the word leg on an amputees stump, patting them on the back and shouting “run forest run!”

Mike King is one of many who has had enough of the announcements and wants action. He is also one that now has the unenviable challenge of having a public stoush with our spin doctor PM.

Ardern has jabbed at King after he handed back his medal stating, no one has said we had finished with fixing mental health.

It seems that this has switched King from appealing to Ardern by not blaming her for the lack of action, to something he is better qualified for which is sarcasm.

A frustrated King, after handing back his medal, voiced his opinion directly to the PM. Claiming she is obviously too busy selling EV’s, bicycle bridges and going to field days to meet with him.

And that is it in a nut shell isn’t it? The PM’s focus is on looking good rather than doing anything meaningful.

Enthused by the announcement of $1.3 billion to be injected into mental health, King has now realised that this announcement was nothing but a new label on an old problem.

Ardern and her merry bunch of useful idiots must be close to having to draw on their overdraft when it comes to political capital.

How long will the media keep lending them the money?

It is surely now only to the lack of desire for the media to do their job that lets the government get away with the direction they are taking us.

Nowhere fast.