Out of touch and out of their minds

I think labour have now completely separated themselves from the role of sensible stewardship of a nation and its economy, and are now floating in the dreamland of their idiotic ideology.

Every hour some aspect of their mediocracy (even that’s too kind) is written about in the MSM.

Immigration policies are the latest. I used to think Faafoi (auto correct changed that to Farouk, oh he wishes) was one of the few competent labour ministers. But it seems he doesn’t want to be left out of the clusterfuckery going on left right and centre with Labour.

His handling of immigration lately and not to mention his muddled description of hate speech leaves him as bumbling as this image seems to depict

Inflation has risen on the back of all this mismanagement, farmers are about to disrupt things for the foreseeable future and its just chaos covered in ineptitude in every thing that labour touches.

Like an ocean liner, New Zealand as a business is hard to slow down, and it won’t just stop with a bad decision like say, an oil and gas ban.

However, like any disaster, there are a number of bad choices that lead to the ultimate catastrophe. how long will it take? A couple of points raise on the official interest rate will be a death roll for many mortgage holders, but that will just be one of many challenges.

The New Zealand economy is doing okay despite this mob of student activist politicians. Largely on the back of farming I might add, but that’s another story.

So whilst NZ is pretty resilient and a tough beast to slow down. Unfortunately, the likes of Robertson don’t get that the economy is like a Diesel engine. It will still run on a bottle of vegetable oil but it prefers some good old diesel to run smoothly.

Robertson pats himself on the back, blissfully ignorant of the fact that things aren’t so bad despite him, and not because of him and his merry band of muppets. It matters not that the engine is spluttering and lurching due to the bad choice of fuel. It’s all good with Robbo at the wheel, particularly when you can blame the “one in a hundred year event,” or “nine long years of neglect.” Give me neglect any day if that’s what those 9 years were.


We have the slimy David Parker telling New Zealand that he gives not one fuck what the farmers are pissed about. It’s no wonder he gives none too, as he has obviously donated all of them the the clusterfuck that is currently running the show.

Ardern happily speaks about saving the planet one Ute at a time, while sneaking in billions of kilos of the worst polluting coal from Indonesia. We don’t get our own coal, even though it cleaner. Why, because it’s more environmentally friendly to get Indonesian children to break their backs digging out dirty coal and loading it on an even dirtier ship. Meanwhile our high grade stuff sits in the ground twiddling it’s clean little thumbs

If queen Cindy was a bedtime story, she would be the anti Midas. Whilst King Midas had the misfortune of turning everything he touches into gold. The poor New Zealander public get to stand by and watch Queen Cindy turn everything she touches into horse manure.

Cloning Frank Spencer to run each ministerial position would be less hazardous than what the front benches currently have occupying them.

One day in the not too distant future, our history books will use this governments achievements as a training manual on what to avoid.

The “quick fix solution to anything” chapter in the Politics for Dummies instruction book will simply read, “think of what Ardern would do and then do the opposite.“

I don’t know about everyone else, but it’s got to the point now where I think fuck it, let’s get the popcorn out, sit in a comfy chair and watch these clowns dig and dig a bigger hole for them selves. Unfortunately we are all in the home but if you can’t eat popcorn and laugh like a lunatic, what can you do

Ardern’s “hello children” Facebook show, where she addresses her fans, has now become who can hurl more insults at the PM, rather than the fawning love hearts she received during lock down. A plethora of angry faces spewed out of the emoji generator joking much less love hearts.

It has turned from, “ I believe it is possible to exist in politics without telling a lie” to, “trust me I’m a politician”

And that’s where the fairy dust has rubbed off. Under the glossy facade of fairy sprinkle and kindness, is just another dirty rotten self serving public servant. And people would be okay with that, if she could do the job. Trouble is

  • Kiwibuild
  • Open and transparent
  • Housing affordability
  • Homelessness
  • Child poverty
  • Kids raised in motels
  • Cost of living rising
  • Energy fiasco’s
  • Utes
  • obfuscation
  • Nanny state on steroids
  • one source of truth
  • No new taxes

Smelling the manure yet NZ?

I love the Facebook comments from her fans abroad. If you don’t like her can we have her?

Don’t worry we want her to go, trouble is she is too busy working on her UN application. She will be heading there if she gets half the chance. It seems the implementation of UN policies is the end game, with the hope she will be welcomed with open arms to the socialist family at the UN.

It’s all just a ploy to get her foot in an international socialist organisation. Hey, It’s not like she hasn’t done it before, comrades.

Rather than “hate speech” why won’t labour focus more on child exploitation?

New Zealand is ranked 4th in the world in hosting child exploitation videos of sexual abuse.

But it gets worse

“It’s not just overseas. Some child sexual abuse material is produced in New Zealand. It’s certainly viewed here – the Department of Internal Affair’s filtering system blocks more than 10,000 attempts to access known child abuse sites from New Zealand every month.”


10,000 attempts are made each month by New Zealanders trying to access child sex images and videos?

This is the sort of evil that should be the focus of police and other authorities.

I’ve heard that the police are being told to drop everything and focus on any alleged “hate crime” while sickos are filming children sex acts here in NZ.

Talk about priorities.

Find these sick bastards, lock them up and throw away the key.

A more palatable vaccine?

If you have had concerns over the two does mRNA vaccines, such as the current Pfizer vaccine. Well, there is soon to be another vaccine option which uses a more conventional method of protecting you against viral attacks.

This system of delivering protection is through what is called a viral vector vaccine.

This is a technology that isn’t as new and untested as the mRNA technology and delivers the antigen stimulating material through a harmless virus that won’t cause an infection.

This form of therapy was first created in the 1970’s and does not require the vaccine to be stored at the frozen level of temperature that the mRNA vaccines need to be transported at.

It can be stored at 2 – 8 degrees Celsius for 3 months or frozen to last up to 2 years.

Also if you don’t like injections the good news is you don’t need 2 jabs as it is a single dose injection.

There are currently 4 different ways of getting vaccinations and if you prefer a more tried and tested technology, then the Jenssen vaccine may be more up your alley.

As always seek your own medical advice, but here is a brief description of the various vaccine delivery systems.

The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree

As our Government seek to become (if they haven’t already become) the most corrupt, inept bunch of arrogant twats to ever grace the beehive. Robbo thinks its a good idea to carry on splashing out funds for pet projects.

The trouble is that the COVID emergency fund is not meant to be paying for parents who cant be bothered preparing their kids lunch.

Its bad enough that my kids don’t eat the lunch I make for them every morning, but now i’m funding lunches for kids who’s parents are just too plain lazy, or stupid to be able to feed their kids.

feeding a couple of kids for a week with fruit, sandwiches and a snack, need not cost more than $15 if you are on a tight budget. 18 small packets of crisps is $5, a jar of peanut butter or jam is $4.70, 2 kilos of apples can be purchase for $3 to $6 pretty easily and a loaf of sandwich bread from $1.60 with enough slices for 10 sandwiches. 20 if you buy 2 of the $1.60 loafs gives you 2 kids lunches for the week for between $10 and $15 depending on what options you go for

However, the real issue here is Robbo is simply not understanding, or ignoring, who’s money he is spending from funds that its not allocated for.

This is blatant misappropriation from our comedian finance minister Grant Robertson.

When he’s not seeing how clever he is, running down the opposition in the debating halls, he’s working out who he can splash the cash to while hoping no one holds him to account.

Have a guess what Robbo? Its not your money to do with as you please. If this was any other party the press would be calling for heads to roll. Instead they just will say, “hey its for the kids”

So what am I talking about exactly with the “apple not falling far from the tree?”

Well Robbo’s old man (who was an accountant) did a bit of time in the big house for misappropriation of funds – he misappropriated $120,000 into his back pocket from his employer. A trick Robbo seems keen to try and replicate.

The media are too busy running interference on all this bad news and are focusing on how bad National are at the moment, taking peoples minds off just how bad Labour are.

Crooked to the bone the lot of them.