Awakening the sleeping Giant

If the sleeping giant was rubbing the sleep out of his dreary eyes, wondering if he should keep snoozing then the recent USA stimulus package will have him bolt upright in bed.

The sleeping giant being the general public of the USA. For decades this sleeping giant has quietly gone through the motions, paying tax and getting on with their days focusing on family friends and life in general whilst the lawmakers looks after the economy. Little did they know that looking after the economy was predominantly made up of doing shady deals with public money. Money that ultimately finds its way back to lining the lawmakers own pack pockets.

It was left to a few noisy commentators to yell out that the politicians were up to no good, but this largely fell on the deaf ears of a giant in a deep and ignorant sleep.

However the antagonistic style and the vitriol from the mainstream media has suddenly meant that Trump got the public interested in the goings on in the parliamentary buildings. Love him or hate him he has made people listen, take more interest in what the politicians do. Now that life has been upheaved with the reaction to the virus, they want answers and particularly when they receive $600 while billions get distributed far a wide to unknown entities that no one has ever heard of.

The devil is in the detail they say. The sheer volume of money that is in the 5,000 odd page stimulus package, that is dedicated to foreign interests is so brazen that many people will be silently mouthing W.T.F. Money, such as $33,000,000 to Venezuela, will never be audited. It will never be scrutinized and never be spent on what it was meant for.

There are countless examples of money earmarked for the most weird and wonderful things, such as gander studies in Pakistan, resisting communism in Cambodia and $1 billion for Egypt for who knows why – perhaps so they can buy weapons from Russia?

However the Venezuela one is interesting. The money is supposedly earmarked for democracy in Venezuela, Democracy is not what they currently have in Venezuela so is there an organization that can bring democracy to the county which currently ha China backed Socialism tyrannical hierarchy. An administration which has turned the once prosperous country into a…shit hole!

The connection between the software used for many vote counting machines which is under fire from Sidney Powell and a few others is claimed to originate in Venezuela. Smartmatic was developed in Venezuela to help Hugo Chaves achieve favorable election results and it is part of the claim of fraudulent activity in the US. Is some of this $33,000,000 a payment for the help in swaying the election? We may never know.

What is obvious though is the lawmakers have given a giant middle finger to hard working taxpayers by sending the money they could use right now to scores of countries, some of which are hugely wealthy countries such as Qatar.

In previous times this aide money that is laundered back to those that are being bought off wouldn’t get scrutinized but I feel that the giant is now wanting a closer look inside the pantry door to see where all his supplies have gone.

Be ware of the bean stalk as there is an angry Giant coming down it very soon and it is in the shape of millions of people descending on the capital. They no longer want to be told to eat cake

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