Be Kind, Be Blind

$70 billion plus spent, yet 60 fewer ICU beds than last year. Meanwhile, a bloated bureaucracy and a race-based heath care system in the midst of a medical crisis was priority.

No wonder, Wellington ICU specialist Paul Young called BS on Andrew Little’s claims.

May be an image of text that says "L HOME capabte nas In May year, as the country was coming out of its first lockdown, a Ministry of Health paper found there were 334 ventilators and 358 ICU beds. There are currently 284 fully staffed ICU beds across public hospitals, and the ministry says there are 629 ICU-capable ventilators, with 133 in the national reserve if required."
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May be an image of 2 people and text that says "21 He is not alone. When Health Minister Andrew Little claimed ICU beds had increased by more than 100 in the 15 months since Covid, Wellington ICU specialist Paul Young did a very unusual thing. He went on the public record to call BS on the minister's numbers. challenge you to visit any ICU in the country and find one clinician (just one) who can show their newly staffed beds," Young tweeted. You can either believe the minister or you can believe the people who are working at the coalface.| know who I believe."
May be an image of 1 person and text that says "Yet in July 2021 when first approached the MOH for an update on progress towards those 550 beds, they queried it as a number that they didn't recognise as coming from the ministry. MORE FROM TRACY WATKINS. SUNDAYS' EDITOR When pointed out that it was on their website they responded that the figure of 552 was an indication of "what additional ICU capacity could be brought online should it be needed". They added that there were currently 284 ICU beds. That seemed to suggest a drop of around 60 beds on the previous year."
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