Biden administration “proud” of Fauci.

Although I don’t see it occurring, there are growing murmurings from legal eagles that there is a pathway for the outcome of the election audits to oust the current president. If that was indeed the case it wouldn’t be too soon.

The latest press conference from Psaki has the Presidents Press Secretary state that they will not be removing Fauci from his position, as they are proud of him.

Focusing on emails that paint Fauci as a hard working public servant due to the volume of emails he received and ignoring the ones that show him as a lying sociopath, there is a coordinated effort to sweep his sins under the carpet by both the media and the Biden administration.

One angle the media are focusing on about is his flip flop on masks. And not getting people wearing masks fast enough.

This little flip flop pales in comparison to the realities that he knew there was good results coming from HCQ, that he knew only symptomatic infections were infectious. (Something any self respecting virologist no doubt knew) and that he also knew more about gain of function experiments at laboratories such as Wuhan.

He knew cotton face masks were useless for providing protection, which is backed up by every scientific study done on them.

But somehow the media have come to the defence of masks and buried Fauci’s crimes in a pile of un used cotton masks.

Here is a bizarre clip of Biden giving his confidence on Fauci while peering from behind a door

Jen Psaki defended Fauci, an unelected bureaucrat who gets paid more than $400,000 a year to be wrong about everything, as a “renowned public servant.”

The fear here is that it would mean that it wasn’t the Orange Man that ravaged the U.S. with COVID if it was found that the man actually in charge, Fauci, was responsible.

It was the Orange Man that is that is how the MSM are playing this.

Cant wait for the next medical emergency where the big pharmacy companies make a killing helped by the deep state civil servants.

Is this payback for Trump daring to take on big pharma?

We may never know, but the more you care to learn about this virus the more it stinks.

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