Biden gave Putin a list, but who gave that list to Biden?

It was odd enough that Biden didn’t hold a joint press conference with Putin.

But what is even more odd is that he kept 100 odd reporters waiting for two hours before wobbling out and saying a lot of empty statements before this interesting comment.

“As usual they give me a list of people I’m going to call on”

Who is “they” and why is there only 5 out of 100 reporters allowed to ask questions.

Who is running the USA?

And who is picking up Biden on the false claim that Trump supporters killed a police officer? “They” obviously haven’t told Biden yet that the police officer had 2 strokes and they were unrelated to the protest.

When asked about Black Lives Matters he only mentioned the January 6 protest.

Apologies on linking MSNBC but in a hurry this morning

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