Biden now criminal suspect

Let the fact checkers have kittens. If you Google the above statement you will get the MSM doing their best to say that the fact that Biden is a criminal suspect is just not true.

NBC News says “the probe has been closed”

Politifact says that “opening a case does not make Joe Biden a criminal”

here is the info

All sorts of other news clips offer differing info on this news. However, the fact of the matter is the firing of Viktor Shokin, that Joe Biden initiated by withholding aid to the tune of $1 billion unless they fired Shokin, has potentially landed Biden in hot water. Shokin was he prosecutor that was investigating Barisma who Hunter Biden was getting handsomely rewarded for sitting on the oil and gas company’s board.

If you wanted a good excuse for impeachment (should Biden eventually get inside the Whitehouse) then a Ukraine quid pro quo seems to be very fashionable of late.

No doubt we will see the fact checkers working in overtime to debunk this one

Lets see if this news has legs or is just Ukraine disinformation.

It does seem to be something that just won’t go away.


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