Biden President elect?

Not according to Politofact who originally labelled a post from Candace Ownens as incorrect

Owens stated in a post on Facebook that Biden is not literally or legally the President Elect. She went on to ask why is the media saying he is…

Politifact was quick to label the news as fake on both Owens page and on any would be sharer of this news.

Owens legal team sent a letter to Politifact stating the info was correct and the political fact checkers retracted the “fake news” label and issued a statement saying that they have no idea how the news was labelled fake.

They admitted they were wrong which seems to be something that will happen more, at least where Candace Owens is involved.

you might want to update your website Poltitifact

As to why it was fact checked? I think we can hazard a guess that as it came from a conservative and doesn’t suit the narrative, it was quickly discredited.

Unfortunately for Politifact they picked a fight with the wrong conservative.

Owens also has another case coming up where she is seeking considerable damages from fact checkers for comments she made on Covid-19

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