Biggest source of disinformation was the Government. U.S.

For many people, trust in health professionals has been lost,. Some will never regain that trust and in the U.S. they are looking into the source of misinformation that has caused the decline in belief that the health system is on the publics side.

“U.S Surgeon General Vivek Murthy recently asked the public how COVID-19 misinformation “in the digital information environment” had affected health outcomes, trust in the healthcare system and “likelihood to vaccinate,” among other issues.”

Just like the fledgling disinformation project (New Zealand’s ministry of Truth) social media was being looked at as to the source of misinformation.

The answers they received from some hefty medical professionals may not have been the expected

According to vaccine and healthcare policy experts who joined with Indiana Attorney General Todd Rokita, the misinformation is coming from inside the house.

“They filed a comment in the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) proceeding, accusing the CDC and other health organizations of promoting falsehoods and shoddy research that “shattered the public’s trust in science and public health,” which will “take decades to repair.”

Rokita and epidemiologists Jay Bhattacharya of Stanford School of Medicine and Martin Kulldorff, formerly of Harvard Medical School, also took aim at official government figures for COVID deaths that are repeatedly cited in the media.

“The government spent close to $5 trillion fighting COVID-19, but still can’t provide Hoosiers with an accurate number of deaths or hospitalizations from COVID-19,” Rokita said in a press release.”

Post Ardern getting a dose of the virus, which is now putting her meeting with Biden at risk with her imminent trip to the US. I am reminded of her claim from the podium of truth. As below about how the virus and vaccine work.

Just an example of the utter tripe we have listened to justifying whatever agenda that is being pushed at any given time.

The issue these medical experts raise on trust in the U.S. stems from the misleading messaging around the abilities of the vaccines, the efficacy of masks and the asymptomatic testing to stop the virus.

One of the big cons of this pandemic is the lumping all deaths together. Even though our own “disinformation team” found this to be a r ex hearing, it seems that actual medical experts do not agree.

“Rokita, Bhattacharya and Kulldorff echoed those concerns, flatly calling CDC figures “inaccurate” for failing to distinguish COVID as the primary or contributing cause of death, if not “incidental.”

Funny how this information is actually important when assessing the severity of a disease. Actual deaths versus incidental being lumped together is misleading no matter what way you look at it.

“Audits of death certificates in California’s Santa Clara and Alameda counties found about 25% wrongly listed COVID as the primary cause, in line with pressure on physicians to blame COVID “even when the medical facts suggest otherwise.” Unprecedented mass asymptomatic testing and the CDC’s refusal to conduct “national surveys of medical charts” also make the numbers unreliable, they said.

Health officials misrepresented randomized controlled trials designed to test COVID vaccines against symptomatic infection, claiming they showed the vaccines stop transmission, and public health messaging “blunted” the 1,000-fold COVID risk difference between old and young, the trio said. “

They also still struggle to admit that natural immunity is a reality let alone better than the spike protein inducing mRNA.

Anyone who denies that a real infection is not as good as the vaccine knows less about the immune system than they are letting on or is down right lying.

This misinformation lead to the most devastating deliberate destruction of our economy and now the inflation that governments around the world are trying to blame Putin for.

Vaccine passports, school closures forced lockdowns and isolating people from loved ones were in most cases a futile and nasty social experiment.

Not to mention how the safe and effective narrative that co tinies to this day is in itself a preposterous and conclusive mis truth. To call a vaccine e safe it must be compared to its peers in the therapeutic range and here the mRNA vaccine is by far the least safe vaccine ever to be administered on an unsuspecting public.



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