Bill Barr was never on Trumps side

He is a deep state operative who won Trumps trust by giving him a win on the Russia collusion hoax

But Barr was there to destroy Trumps chances of staying in power.

Below is a rant from Robert Barnes from

Bill Barr.

Barr made the Fox news rounds denouncing the judge’s appointment of a special master, proclaiming Trump’s guilt on classified records, and predicting an easy, quick reversal of the judge’s order by the 11th Circuit.

Many defended Barr during Trump’s reign, and only a few of us whsipered doubts, privately and publicly. Why was I skeptical of Barr?

History. Barr’s father, the headmaster of an elite New York school, was the man who gave Jeffrey Epstein his first break, employing him over young girls and with access to the elite, despite Epstein’s complete lack of credentials for the job.

Barr’s father went on to right novels featuring sexual abuse of underage girls. Barr, himself, got his government break working for Poppy Bush covering up CIA crimes during the 1970s, including destroying files and disappearing evidence, before Poppy Bush as President made him Attorney General for his heroic work covering up the Noreiga ties to the CIA and Bush in their criminal prosecution of him.

Barr snookered Trump by writing editorials bashing Russiagate inquiries, and then leveraged that into assuring Trump’s defeat in 2020, including the extradition of Assange, the cover-up of Biden family crimes, and ignoring evidence of election fraud.

Guess what else he did? Think it a coincidence that Epstein died under Barr’s watch? Like father, like son.

What a guy

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