Blood money for keeping quiet on the cause of death.

In this article the US agency called FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency) contacted Ernest Ramirez, saying that they could provide some financial relief if he changed his son’s death certificate to COVID instead of the shots.

In this case the horrified father said no to such bribery. Even though he barely had the money for the funeral.

I have heard rumours on the grapevine that in New Zealand ACC has been doing a similar hush money bribe to keep vaccine harm on the down low. Particularly during the frenzied push to get to 90% jabbed back in 2021.

It’s about time (if true) that some whistleblowers come forward on this sick and twisted blood money scheme. With our mortality rates way higher than expected and not from COVID-19, it is a ticking time bomb from several angle. Both from more harm being evident from myocarditis etc and the enquiries that will come. If they don’t already know it, soon people are going to realise there is blood on their hands too.

Those that are starting to have sleepless nights may want to get something of their chest.

Tick tick tick…..

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