Bonus COVID Quiz

Question 1

“Closing the door after the horse has bolted” is an example of …

  1. an idiom
  2. a nonsense
  3. Labour Government policy
  4. An accurate description of New Zealand’s entire Covid response

Question 2

Propaganda is defined as…

  1. Having a really good look at something “…‘avin a propa ganda”  
  2. A very healthy goose
  3. What the Nazis excelled at
  4. Every word out of the Labour cabinet
  5. Something JA admitted related specifically to NZ’s Covid response

Question 3

“It felt like I was breathing with plastic bags in my lungs”

This quote can be attributed to

  1. One of less than 5% of covid cases where extreme discomfort is the norm
  2. Some idiot who inhaled the bag as well as the glue
  3. Just another example of sensationalistic journalism
  4. Propa Ganda

Funny how we never hear from the 95% of asymptomatic cases

Question 4

The ‘Be Kind’ mantra extends to which of the following?

  1. “Be nice to the person standing next to you”
  2. “Be aware you need to accept the person standing next to you may have covid and take the necessary precautions”
  3. A seemingly surprised expression at the growth in IRD funded liquidations, especially when their parent entity closed the country off and on for the last year.  That is kind of the IRD though
  4. If a family member friend or stranger breaks covid rules then you must ‘Dob’ them in  

Confused, you won’t be after the next episode of…….

Question 5

As a nation (flock) foreign observers now refer to NZ as a land of snowflakes and new …ism’s 

Which of the new ..ism’s are most prevalent

  1. Woke Crappism                                                (reference to PC gone wrong)
  2. Flockism                                                               (reference to the mindless team of 5M)
  3. Absence of free thoughtism                        (fairly obvious)
  4. A jism                                                                    (ref 2 tha part educated uth of 2day)

Question 6

JA has just released the Vaccine plan

Depending on who and what you read and believe NZ just purchased another (?) 8M vaccines on top of the 13M we have reportedly already purchased and we will have vaccinated 2M by the end of June.

Without repeating the question from a previous Quiz this means….

  1. We have brought approximately 16M vaccines too many.
  2. We have actually only just brought some vaccines, with all that has gone before being part of the Covid propaganda
  3. Sorry we are not good with policy or numbers, but we are good at hiding and blaming others (JA).
  4. 5M population 21M vaccines 2M vaccinated, those numbers work, what was your question Mike?

Just remember if you are in Auckland and in business make sure you apply for your Sob-city payments.

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