Boris it’s time to go away now

So far from reality and so up himself, Boris Johnson is a dangerous human and needs to piss off.

From climate change to the war in Ukraine and the pandemic, BoJo has just got it so wrong that he should be on trial.

His plea to not negotiate a peaceful end to the war is I during the needless death of more Ukrainians. Yes it is Russia who is doing the killing but Johnson has been pivotal in stopping any chance of negotiating an end to the war.

One has to ask why.

Equally as devoid of any logic or sensibility BoJo proudly stated that by 2030 the UK will power the people through wind power.

Currently that isn’t going so well.

2% of demand is a little short and this will be sorted in 8 years, let’s not let the truth get in the way of a good story eh?

Boris Johnson is a total Johnson and while he comes up with analogies such, “as you can’t negotiate with a bear as it eats your leg.” About 190,000 young Ukrainians have become casualties of his first quashing of a negotiation. That is a war crime in itself.

How can you justify stopping peace talks?

Boris partied hard while locking down his people in a move that also has exceeded deaths from the virus, People will be freezing in their homes this winter with the gas off for the sake of renewable energy that falls short by 98% of providing energy, while families in the Ukraine get notified of debilitating injuries or the death of their young men.

Well done Johnson well done. with friends like you who needs enemies.

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