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This is an open letter that I think the sentiment would match most everyday Kiwi’s

Hugh Perrett: Open Letter to the Prime Minister

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Dear Prime Minister,

Many, many of we New Zealanders are heartily sick of and extremely annoyed at your Government’s ongoing campaign to bring about a change in our country’s name from New Zealand to Aotearoa. 

This has obviously in effect involved instructing Government Departments and major media (at least) to continually push the name Aotearoa in association with or, increasingly, at the expense of our country’s name, New Zealand. 

We, as a country have spent billions of dollars over many, many years promoting the name New Zealand and giving it identity and meaning internationally. 

It is our Brand name in the same way as names like Coca Cola, Colgate, Persil, Watties, Palmolive, Milo, Vegemite and many others are brand names instantly conveying the identity, positive benefits and positive consumer associations with them. 

None of these brand owners would for a second contemplate changing the name of these branded products. 

I was particularly annoyed to see a segment on Seven Sharp on Tuesday in which a number of children – aged I would guess about 7/8 years old , being asked leading questions about what they thought about the name Aotearoa. 

Clearly, it seemed to me, almost all the children asked were of Maori descent and clearly there had been a significant process of “brainwashing”/ “preconditioning” involved in the process, I’m sure to ensure the “required”/ “desired” answer was given. 

This is shabby stuff indeed. 

Your Government stands accused by many, including me, of having been hijacked by Maori activists within your caucus and within your coalition partners in parliament, together with yours and their associates in the community. 

Your Government’s whole agenda in this area is TOTALLY WITHOUT MANDATE. 

It is insidious, devious, manipulative and dishonest. 

In my opinion it is directly comparable with and reminiscent of the approach taken by the Goebel’s campaigns conducted in Nazi Germany before and during WW2 and is  increasingly divisive of our society – even deliberately so. 

Our democracy is being more and more threatened by your Government’s agendas. 

It is our country as well as yours Prime Minister and I am asking you to back off before irreparable damage is done to our society, country and way of life. 

Yours sincerely,

Hugh Perrett

Hugh Perrett, a member of the New Zealand Business Hall of Fame, is the former managing director of Foodstuffs and founder of the Pak n’ Save discount grocery chain

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