This is massive! Hot off the press from Outdoors party press release: It is arguable that the Crown has acted unlawfully! We won because we were right. We lost because the judge is going to let them do it anyway. Press release says:
“The High Court has just released its decision on the urgent challenge to the Pfizer vaccine approval and vaccination rollout plan, agreeing with the plaintiff that it was reasonably arguable that the Minister’s approval was unlawful.

Her Honour Justice Ellis has agreed that everyone in New Zealand over 16 is not a limited number of patients, and so the decision is arguably ultra vires the requirements of s23 of the Medicines Act, and she has urged the government to reconsider the lawfulness of the provisional consent they granted for the Pfizer vaccine.
Her Honour stopped short of ordering the vaccine rollout to stop, out of concern of undermining public confidence in the vaccine and wasting vaccine stock that is already in New Zealand.”

Sue said: the judge agrees it is unlawful. Is exactly what we predicted. The Crown should review its position the judge said. The court won’t make a ruling to stop rollout is it is an interim decision and doesn’t want public to lose confidence in vaccine. Judge accepted is lots of questions still need answering.

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