Gold Coast for Xmas: Queensland opens borders to Kiwis!

No transtasman bubble before February at the earliest!

Kiwis will be able to fly to Queensland from tomorrow after the state loosened its borders.

Queensland Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk has just announced the change in policy.

Palaszczuk said today that the “great success story of Queensland” and that of New Zealand had resulted in the chief health officer’s surprise decision.

“Dr Jeannette Young advised me late last night that New Zealand is also good to go,” she said.

“So, visitors coming in from New Zealand from 1am tomorrow are welcome into Queensland.

“We are hoping that eventually, New Zealand will not have to hotel quarantine upon return, and then there would be free-flowing movement between the two.”

Kiwis will be able to travel to Queensland without having to quarantine when they arrive across the Ditch. Photo / file

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