Brisbane Likely To Extend Lockdown Over Easter Weekend!

The circus continues. WHO told everyone last year lockdowns don’t work. Why then do govts persist with these draconian enforcements? 55 million people die per year (2015 stats) 2.8 million deaths to date from Covid. Only 5% attributed to Covid and not necessarily because of Covid. Why all of a sudden are we locking people away without second thoughts for businesses and the negative long term health outcomes of these lockdowns. World economies are being decimated, creating increases in poverty, reduction in life years, homelessness and all sorts of negative outcomes because of lockdowns. Change the narrative, they are not sustainable. More people suffer from these. Lockdown the vulnerable and elderly as that’s who is at risk.

Locking down or quarantining the healthy is irrational!

Queensland Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk. Photo / AAP

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