Bullies never liked being bullied


They don’t seem to see the Irony either.

Welcome to politics dears. If you want to play in the sand pit of self promotion and self proclaimed authority. Then don’t cry when you screw up. Particularly in these highly charged areas you have thrown yourself into.

Siouxsie Wiles and Shaun Hendy, who are full of their own importance, are receiving a lot of back lash after their commentary on the Corona virus.

Seems they had no qualms leading the way in attacking the 7 academics who commentated on the inclusion of Mātauranga Māori as a science subject. A move instigated by these two which has seen the academics being on the receiving end of much unwanted issue. But when the shoe is on the other foot, they quickly cry over the spilt milk.

They are now suing the university for not doing enough to protect them. They also seem to have no qualms stretching the truth here either. Wiles and Hendy claiming their self promotion interviews on COVID are expected of them.

Auckland university has stated that commentary on the virus is nothing to do with their responsibilities of employment and suggested they limit their public commentary appearances.

Oh no! the vocal duo have no interest in stopping their desired look at me moments, and so are using the excuse that the government expects them to commentate.

Why, are you part of the propaganda machine? Oh yes Hendy and his 88,000 deaths and Wiles showing us how you can go swimming without masks with friends in lock-down.

Whilst I’m sure it is unpleasant with all this unwanted attention and hopefully it stops being an issue for the pair, one also hopes they learn from their own experience of leading a bullying attack on fellow academics.

The limelight has its ups and downs and it is easily resolved by pissing off on whatever horse you road in on.

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