Bullshit coated in crapola icing with lashings of codswallap

This headline just appeared on newshub.


Let’s start with Ardern’s claim the world should follow New Zealand lead. Here is our carbon emissions of late, notice the decline?

No? Funny that nor did I. The red line is Labour Governments and blue National. look at the red line at the end of the graph. taking us back to the heights of the Clark Government. Talk about an inconvenient truth.

Notice how the claim is “scientists tell us” no they don’t – the media and politicians like you do. Scientists say a lot of things including there is no climate emergency.

“Scientists tell us that this is the decisive decade – this is the decade we must make decisions that will avoid the worst consequences of the climate crisis,” Biden said.

Wasn’t the 90’s the decade? And the 2,000s? Polar ice gone by 2014 according to Al Gore. But now it’s this decade is it? How fucking Novel

How long can the same lie be paraded by politicians before people are reminded of the boy who cried wolf?

I am so sick of these wank fests, where politicians can say look at me and boy oh boy does Jacinda love these moments. leading from the front is Ardern so confidently bullshitting the team of 7 billion. She can’t hide the fact that each of these global stage events are a job interview in her quest to be the supreme leader of the U.N.

I wonder if anyone has the graph above handy at the summit to point out the flaw in Arderns point.

I’m seriously going to vommit at the sheer manure that flies out the wrong end of our esteemed horse.

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