Bullshit & Jellybeans

So last week Elon famously came out & said Bitcoin will no longer be accepted when purchasing a Tesla, due to it’s high level of energy consumption ergo: bad for the environment. What a load of tosh! Some of the biggest Bitcoin farms are powered by 100% Hydro/electric, for starters! They exist in China & Russia. His statement aside from being incorrect is odd considering he recently bought $1.5 billion worth at approx $32,000 USD. It’s come off it’s all time high of $64,000 USD down to $45,000 USD (at time of writing 8pm 18th May 21) which makes no sense since Bitcoin uses just 0.25% of global energy! Approx 30% of ALL energy produced every year, is literally thrown in the bin! A classic case of virtue signaling & no doubt profit taking! Well played Elon, well played! It really shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise, given the last 12 months! That said, when will Bitcoin bottom out? Below is the latest Cryto market news from the biggest channel

Banking System Uses Significantly More Energy Than Bitcoin, Research Shows  – News Bitcoin News
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