By by Fauci

It should come as no surprise that Fauci is finally going to be removed from his post as chief health advisor.

Emails from as early as February last year obtained through the freedom of information act, show what Fauci knew and believed on the potential origin of the virus and the realities of masks and transmission of the virus.

Emails show that Fauci was informed early last year that the virus had the tell tail signs of being a manufactured virus.

Fauci received emails from the Ecohealth CEO thanking him for his comments defending the Wuhan Lab theory. Ecohealth being the organisation receiving funds from the NIH to do gain of function experiments on bat Corona viruses.

On masks, Fauci admits in emails that masks are no use to protecting the wearer from the virus.

He also emails that it is symptomatic carriers that transmit the virus and not asymptomatic.

He was informed from Italy specialists, when they were at circa 2,500 deaths that 99% of casualties had been from people with multiple comorbidity’s.

I’m sure more and more will come out however it is interesting that much of the emails have redactions in them to protect trade secrets.

Why is Fauci dealing with secret information as a health official?

Once again proving that it is money and protection that was Fauci ‘s main concerns with the outbreak.

Definitely not honesty and actual public health.

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