Can we trust the IPCC?

Today the IPCC has told us the clock is ticking out of time, perhaps this time they are right.

Given their previous predictions, I somehow doubt it.

The warmest month this year has seen the global temperature at 0.2 degrees Celsius above the 40 year average.

But the clock is ticking is it? According to the temperature records, we are 1.1 degrees above pre industrial temperature.

This of course was achieved by cooling the past. that is real man made warming. If you have seen the Real climate science videos we share you will know what’s going on here.

It’s a bit like how much cooler you were at school when you are 40.

You weren’t that spotty git with two left feet, no you were the captain of the football team, before you had to give it up to save the world studying climate science.

Just a reminder of what pre industrial times were. It was circa 1875. The life span of the average person was 60 years of age in wealthy countries and an unknown value in poorer regions.

Technology meant we knew how to measure the temperature, but one hitch is, apart from the USA and Europe, there was very few temperature stations.

Our pre industrial temperature data is speculation at best. Below (the red dots) are the distribution of measuring stations in 1880

There is no satellite data and 99% of globe has no way of being measured

Below is the latest image that our satellite measuring shows us.

Notice how there are warmer areas, cooler areas and areas with no change

Yet we are meant to believe that we know that the global temperature was 1.1 degree lower than it is now.

I’ll never end posting on this hoax

Updated !

Didn’t take long for Tony Heller to bring some graphs into the conversation regarding the latest climate alarmism claims, from the U.N.

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