Careful what you wish for

Recently reviewing all of the Get Vaxxed literature and the possible adoption of vax cards and passports, even though they have increased transmission overseas and as usual NZ are looking to adopt something after it has been proven a failure, I arrived at the conclusion we need to make a few more changes.  

I am not sure we can do any more Dobbing but then I thought maybe we could.  Rather that offer incentives to get vaccinated lets’ reclassify all of the unvaccinated as Generally Endangering Wellness (GEW – pronounced with a hard G) and then offer incentives for reporting GEW’s to the medical authorities.  

To ensure the GEW’s stand out so non-Gew’s can avoid them we can get Leo Molloy to issue them a special T-Shirt that clearly identifies them as a GEW and make it compulsory they wear them at all times (as a Yankees fan maybe a blue and white pinstripe number with a Large G over the Left Breast pocket).

Just in case they don’t wear it then make sure they are issued an un-vaccinated (GEW ID Card) card.  The good news is, as they can’t travel overseas, they can’t buy one from the Indian guy at Mumbai airport that was selling fake covid entry certificates for travellers to NZ for $5 USD.  

If that doesn’t work we deny them the basic necessities of life by not only refusing them entry into social events, but also skools, supermarkets and hospitals and just generally approving all methods of discriminating against GEW’s.

Finally let’s build areas in each city, fenced off and make them all live there.      

Careful NZ.  Where do we start and stop?

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