So they try keep inflation at under 2% in the mighty USA but it averaged last year at 3.2%….guess what it has been in the last 12 months?

5% 🤪

That’s a worry, unless you own things like Property & Crypto!

What do you make of this?

BIPOC = Black, Indigenous, People Of Colour

Honestly after reading this I want to pound my head against a brick wall! What kind of brain dead moron honestly expects an intelligent reply to “BIPOC people suffer climate change more than white people”.

I challenge anyone to show me the science that led to this outrageous steaming pile of horse shit statement!

Humanity suffers under the suffocating cloak of socialist caring!

Guess what has changed since at WINZ since Ardern came to power?

  1. The penalty for not naming the father of a child dependent on a sole parent benefit was abolished. The taxpayer now picks up the liable parent contribution
  2. The requirement to ensure a child on a benefit is attending early childhood education or school and enrolled with a GP is ignored
  3. Sanctions/penalties for not meeting appointment and work obligations have declined significantly.
  4. One is no longer required to present a medical certificate, suspended till at least 2022.
  5. Beneficiaries can use payment cards to buy cigarettes, lotto tickets and Giftcards at BP.
  6. Fraud is not being prosecuted as fraud staff have been moved to chasing up wage subsidy repayments, and changes to privacy settings have prevented investigations without disclosure to parties being investigated!!!
  7. No stand-downs imposed till July 2021
  8. And to be repealed by law passing through parliament currently
  9. Early work-testing of a sole parent who adds a subsequent child to their benefit. Green light to continue having children on welfare with no consequence except extra cash!!!

What with the increases to basic benefit rates,  increased abatement thresholds, indexing benefits to wages as well as CPI, the winter energy payment, Best Start and the loosening of so many obligations, there’s never been a better time to be a beneficiary in New Zealand!

It’s ALMOST like they are trying to buy votes & encourage state dependence!

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