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When we started Planet B and then the subsequent Planet B Media, it was a simple concept of bringing the wide array of science that the global warming alarmist liked to omit from any public articles, arguments or discussions on, what is now a widely accepted phenomenon, “Climate Change”.

We wanted a means to allow us to share genuine science to help bring some balance to the debate on the effects of CO2, global warming and the realities on the claims that we are now in an existential threat, something climate change is now being promoted as.

Believe it or not a consensus isn’t how science is settled. And in reality, scientifically speaking, there is so much that doesn’t stack up with the current climate change narrative. While we agree that humans are damaging our planet, it is a myth that all scientists agree that CO2 or humans are causing adverse climate change issues. Evidence based science is the goal with what we want to bring to our site and ultimately you the reader.

There is so much to discuss on this subject, but the real issue is people are being sold an exaggerated at best, and down right lies at worst, on the climate debate.

A counter argument was much needed to help educate people on what the science really said about climate change.

And this is the genesis of Planet B Media.

A library of knowledge to battle against the complicit media and politicians was urgently needed before more laws were passed and more taxes created. Particularly when you see sites such as Skeptical Science, which is doing its best to indoctrinate the unsuspecting arm chair scientists, adding to the dubious tactics of the IPCC and the people involved in producing their reports.

Then COVID hit and the propaganda machines started applying the same tactics as the Global Warming fear mongers were using, but this time on a virus and the ways to combat it.

Knowing that most people do their science through the MSM, it was again the task of Planet B Media to bring to the people what many scientists and doctors were saying that didn’t match the 6 o’clock news narrative or the instructions from the politicians podium of truth.

Full of the knowledge by now that both the media and social media companies like to silence facts that don’t suit the story being told, we studied and published the science that was being silenced by the powers that be.

Having experienced censorship with the scientific information we shared on climate change, we quickly identified how the censorship went into over drive with the onset of COVID-19.

We published our info on social media, but fearing the ability to be cancelled at any stage we created the website you are on now.

By the time things like the 2020 election came about and the war in Ukraine, Planet B Media was well aware of the fabrication that many news and social media outlets were capable of. This is also a phenomenon that occurs on both sides of the political isles, and on both sides of any arguments being waged. Whilst we all have our political persuasions, we do our best to sniff out BS on either side of any topic.

In saying that, there may be things you do not agree with that are posted on Planet B, you may get offended at times and you may get angry at the info we share.

The good news is we don’t really give a rats arse about how triggered you might get, we are only interested in sharing facts. If you disagree with the info, then rather than getting offended, share your own knowledge. If you disagree with something we have posted or want to add info to it if you feel it is incomplete, by all means debate the facts

Our job is to bring qualified and tested science and other info to the discussion. We know that being right 100% of the time is not possible. However, we do know it is only with open discussions and debate, the sharing of scientific knowledge and the use of the scientific method that will lead to real progress and the true understanding of issues facing the world today.

With the absence of a fair discussion on most media outlets, it is channels like planet B Media (and others that are similar) that we can find ourselves getting more educated than what the media or Government wants us to be.

Slowly people are waking up to the fact that the likes of Twitter, Facebook, news networks and politicians all have a desire to silence detractors and discredit, cancel or dox those that have a different opinion to them.

Free speech is being stamped out by those that feel we don’t have the mental capacity to think for ourselves and the same old accusations of racism, being alt right, homophobic, stale pale old males get used to silence those with an alternate point of view to what can only be called the woke brigade.

Planet B Media is 100% independent and funded by its creators. The only goal with Planet B is to weed out the BS, Deliver qualified facts and bring some levity along the way.

It is with this in mind that we are very excited about new developments here at Planet B Media.

Soon we are having a big upgrade to our website and our overall image.

We will have a much better platform to have discussions and debates on. You will find it much easier to join conversations, share yours thoughts and read other peoples with our much needed upgrade to our comments section.

We will have easily to find topic sections so you can go directly to the subjects you are most interested in, and of course we will continue to bring you info the MSM just won’t share with you.

There will be an outage for possibly up to a few days while we get it all up and running, but we will provide you with more info on this as it approaches.

To all of you who enjoy our ramblings, thank you very much for being part of the team and we hope you like the new and improved Planet B Media site coming to you soon – free of charge and free of propaganda.

The Planet B Media Team

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