Chauvin Verdict

So there are some bloggers who think Chauvin got everything he deserved.

Commentators are praising the brave jury for handing out the verdicts that were – guilty of murder, felony murder and manslaughter.

Having followed the case quite closely and the media surrounding the case I do not agree with what many are calling a callous police brutality murder.

Being someone who likes to go to experts on aspects of political controversies I do fully understand expert opinions are varied.

It is why you need to focus on the no emotional and logical explanations on the true decisions that those in the 12 man jury should have made.

Three guilty calls today was insanity.

What this means is that Chauvin intended to kill Floyd, killed him whilst commuting other crimes and accidentally killed him while doing something he shouldn’t.

So I could go on for weeks on how the defence actually did a fantastic job and that it was pressure (nothing more nothing less) that caused these verdicts. But this would be futile.

I am going to comment on where to from here

I agree Chauvin may be guilty of not saving Floyd. I agree he may well be an arsehole that deserves what he gets.

But the realities of this case oriented by the defence do not point to a impartial person finding Chauvin guilty on all three counts.

The prosecution witnesses did it on their own without the defences. Yes some days weren’t great from the defence but for every bad day they had the prosecution has 3.

I don’t care either way from the point of view of the two men. I know neither and don’t give a flying fuck what happened to either.

But it is more than that. The idiots in the USA who are trying to make America a nicer place , more harmonies and loving wll be very surprised at the reality of what this means.

We already have the defund the police brigade, we have other organisations that are increasing lawlessness and now we have a cop slam-dunked by making a saint out of a lowly criminal.

Good luck hiring more cops Minnesota. They will surely now be queuing up only to be thrown under the bus Chauvin style by the organisation they represent.

There will be plenty of cops looking for a new job today.

Some commentators who live in some sort of utopian dream world not mentioning any names, Claim that people can call on good cops to respond to crime. Good luck with that dream son.

As for the trial it will be appealed and moved to a different location and an acquittal will be received.

Time will tell

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