China has a vaccine trial

And it’s being done in New Zealand to boot.

Given they probably have the most data on the virus due it it being studies in Wuhan near a wet market, perhaps they will have the best solution…

You have to love the reason we are the Guinea Pig nation.

“Wynne said New Zealand was seen as a good place to run a clinical trial because it had a good health system, had a compliant population and could produce high quality research data for the pharmaceutical industry.”


Compliant Kiwi’s

Well at least this vaccine is a more advanced vaccine that is less susceptible to mutations rendering it useless, such as the current Pfizer one.

The issue is still how fast these vaccines are going through the system.

Long term effects require “time” to evaluate the outcomes.

There are numerous studies being done on treatment solutions that totally reduces the urgency on rushing out vaccines. but hey they don’t make money for pharma companies.

If you ever needed more evidence that it is not outcomes of health but outcomes for shareholders, this pandemic (coupled with the swine flu in 2009), is good evidence of that.

I am an advocate of vaccines for proper use.

Trouble is the more you investigate certain uses of vaccines, the less data you find on how urgent they were.

The 2009 rushed vaccine for high risk populations ended up in costly legal issues for some European countries. And turned out to be not required, as it wasn’t a pandemic.

Anyway if you want to be part of this trial there is a $3,000 earn in it.

Easy money…

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