Chinese proverbs for Biden to work out

Well two aphorisms, of which my favourite is “he who tied the bell to the tiger must take it off”

China has given a big middle finger to The US and NATO’s attempts to get countries outside the Western Bloc to apply pressure on Russia.

In what has been a rather embarrassing month for the Biden administration, with hefty fails in attempts to turn the world against Russia. It Seems many countries already know what side of history they want to be on.

The utter bumbling fools running the State Department and the Foreign Security Establishment continues to prove their incompetence, as evidence now in their rejected appeals to India, Brazil, UAE, Saudi Arabia, begging to Venezuela and Iran, and now smacked in the face by China.

“WASHINGTON: “He who tied the bell to the tiger must take it off” and “It takes two hands to clap.” With these simple dictums, Chinese President Xi Jinping on Friday rejected US President Joe Biden‘s efforts to pressure Beijing into abandoning Russia on the Ukraine issue, while implicitly blaming Washington and its Nato allies”

Whilst the Western Media try and control the Narrative on the war, Russia also has started amping up its campaign against the West by releasing info on Bio Weapon labs. More on this to come.

One day we may learn who is being more honest in this fog of war.

One thing that is sure, as this meme posted by the Chinese Foreign Ministry prior to talks with the US sums up, countries outside the western Bloc are not joining in sanctioning Russia and have explained in no uncertain terms why.

They don’t trust Biden and those that are in his camp.

This really is a game of Risk now…

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