Christchurch Pastor’s Home Raided by New Zealand Police on NYE

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A New Year’s Eve celebration turned traumatic when a Christchurch couple returned home to discover their house had been raided, ransacked, gun cabinet ripped from the wall with door unlocked, opened and emptied.

Pastor and longtime registered nurse & mental health worker Carl Bromley immediately called 111 to report the crime and then took photos of the damage done.

At this point, Pastor Bromley then realised that a voicemail had been left on his phone with an extraordinary revelation. Those who had broken into the home he shared with his wife were not part of the growing street or drug-organised gangs. Instead, the ransacking and damage done to their personal property was done by the one organisation that purports to support safer communities:

The New Zealand Police.

On the voice message, the constable advised that the raid had been conducted under section 18 powers, stating that they had “responded to an event regarding your suitability to be a firearms licence holder”. The voicemail ended stating they would be in touch regarding his “suitability”.

Pastor Bromley is astonished, considering he has never had police charge him for any crime. He has a clean record with no mental health concerns whatsoever and further, has worked extensively within the mental health field alongside the police, pastoring and counselling a broad spectrum of people.

The longtime mental health advocate was also shocked at the display of force, with one nearby resident reporting that “6-8 units turned up, even with a dog”. While not yet confirmed, there are fears that some of the police were armed in the raid, and one nearby resident advised that “I can still hear the hammering this morning”. No one The Daily Examiner talked with raised any concerns about Mr Bromley. When contacted, police declined to comment beyond acknowledging the case.

Pastor Bromley spoke about this event on Facebook the following morning, outlining his concerns about the complete lack of apparent cause for the raid and its aggression. He also noted that police had previously ignored complaints that he had made regarding a Far-Left activist assaulting him at a rally and the burglarising of his vehicle while parked in his driveway.

Observers have noted that the raid resembles the 2020 armed police raid on Mr Dieuwe de Boer in South Auckland. Over a dozen police marched through his front and rear door where he, his wife and young children, including a newborn, were spending a quiet evening. Mr de Boer did his best to protect his family as police separated them, read them their rights, and then demanded information on a .22 lever action rifle (commonly used for rabbit control or paper targets).

“They departed empty-handed after turning the place inside out for ninety minutes and left me with my firearms and a visibly shaken wife who broke down in tears.” – Dieuwe de Boer

Pastor Bromley’s wife has also been left traumatised, and she contacted Victim Support shortly after discovering the break-in. Sadly, she has since been struggling to sleep due to feeling “violated”, with the couple now advising that they want to move out of their own home.

Others are raising questions regarding the potential political link to this raid, much like the raid upon Mr de Boer’s family.

Another possibility raised is that the police have become highly aggressive since their failure to properly vet Australian mass-murderer Brenton Tarrant. In that situation the Royal Commission of Inquiry into the shooting noted that police had failed to observe their own procedures for vetting for issuance of a firearms licence.

With growing concerns around the growth of government and the expanding usage of police by changing political policies, more and more New Zealanders have contacted The Daily Examiner, feeling anxious, confused and increasingly fearful of the current Labour regime.

As a positive update, Pastor Bromley posted a clip thanking the many positive messages from “family and friends” after the police break-in.

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