Chucky Schumer “6 ways from Sunday”

Remember this quote from the early part of Trumps transition into power?

Didn’t he foretell just how many of those 6 ways they would use?

In the interview with CNN’s Rachel Maddie, Schumer sent a clear warning that the intelligence community were a law onto themselves. Haven’t we seen just how much they have become their own political arm.

Both the CIA and more so the FBI have engaged in some of the most inappropriate and devious spying, lying and entrapment techniques in the past 4 years.

You only need to look at the treatment of people such as Michael Flynn, George Papadopoulos and Carter Page. All of whom will no doubt sue the agency who went after them.

Carter Page is already taking a case based on the lies told to the FISA court by the FBI. This was the fabricated info used to enable them to conduct surveillance on Trump’s allies on the fake Russia collusion fiasco.

There are plenty who think this is something (the Muller Report) that will lead to indictments of Trump, post Trumps Presidency. That would be an interesting charge comparable to charging Donald Duck for not wearing any pants.

The whole thing was made up from disinformation payed for by the Clinton campaign team.

The interesting question is what have the Dems started?

What the likely outcome of the bizarre behaviour of the Democrats will be, is ensuring that, if Biden is the President in 2022 and the Dems lose the House and Senate, then we will likely see another impeachment attempt – but this time on Beijing Burisma Biden.

However with the Swamp not drained (to date) and time running out, are we left with an even more dodgy and empowered swamp that is the U.S. political sphere.

I am reminded of a post I saw on FB yesterday when discussing Trump. The comment went on to compare Trump to Hitler.

Oh how bad our history teachers must be if Trump and Hitler are used in the same sentence.

However as we have learned from the writings of George Orwell. “Those that control the present, control the past”

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