Civil disobedience

The only way to deal with this traffic light b/s and all the other garbage that is against all mankind’s rights and common laws of England. Just get on and do what you need to do, they can’t put us all in jail. And if they do arrest you or ‘fine’ you, you have to have to have to do these things. (p.s. if the Outdoors Party page gets canned because of this, go find us on

1) DO NOT give your name – maybe your first name only, because you have NOT committed a crime

2) DO NOT SIGN anything the Crown Corporation puts in front of you, not even a X or a dot – you have not committed a crime

3) DO NOT accept a lawyer – that makes you ‘a ward of the court’ i.e. infant or an idiot

4) DO NOT BE intimidated by threats and intimidation – you are NOT a criminal – they will have to let you go within 24 hours. Do not be afraid of the police cells, surprisingly not the worst place in the world. But DO ask for extra blankets (lol) and make sure you say you are allergic to gluten and dairy so they have to give you decent kai.

5) DO NOT answer any of their questions, say “I forbid you to detain me” “I am a living woman, you are a corporation, you have no jurisdiction over me” “Slavery is a crime in this country – slavery is defined as having control over the life, freedom and liberty of another man – now you know that you are committing a crime, you are now liable in your private and personal capacity” ( or just say nothing),

6) And never do what they tell you to do except to be freed – do not let them take you to court, there is no point because you are not a criminal, there is nothing for you there.

7) if things go a bit crazy, don’t panic, let the dust settle and give us a call when you can

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