Climate change loses the plot

What has Jimmy Two Mums signed us up for

So it’s methane now is it?

C02 is no longer the evil gas. Seems not even the best scientists in the world have been able to prove that CO2 has any influence on warming and climate patterns.

So what do ya do? Do you listen to Bill Gates and agree to buy his synthetic meat and ban cow farts.

Looks like it.

So we need to reduce methane now do we.

Here is a reminder of methane and the atmosphere

However the works is no longer being run by science and sensibility.

We are in a full blown take over from wealthy influencers who have bought there way into a global consensus, propagated by bullshit propaganda and promises of creating a utopian future. One where we need not fear the climate and/or viruses.

That is until the next phase of whatever it is these eugenics cult leaders want us to do.

So who is on the chopping block, the vaccinated or the unvaccinated? Probably a bit if both. You know fairness and all that

On an unrelated matter schmee had a mini rant today. Here it is…

NZ is the 14th most vaccinated country in the world

Only us and one other country in the top 50 (Singapore) have any form of lockdown and only two others have some form vaccine mandated behaviour

Ironically of the next 50 (some of whom have less) 50% vaccinated, other than Australia, most have no movement restrictions and 6 have mandated vaccine behaviour

WAKE UP NZ you are being fed bullshit

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