Climate Emergency?

Climate liar

Whilst I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve been called a “climate denier.” I think a good response is that it’s better than being a “climate liar.”

The ever increasingly defunct U.N. Is crying wolf louder again with the ex socialist party leader Antonio Guterres saying, “Can anybody still deny that we are facing a dramatic emergency?”

Where is this emergency? No wonder there is a growing number of people waking up to the fact that, if people like Antonio Guterres didn’t mention the climate, no one would notice.

Why would they not notice? Because there isn’t anything to notice.

Claiming Bush fires, the last tropical storm, a flood in a rural town or a sinking island are signs of climate change is becoming so familiar, so easily debunked that this buy in by left leaning do gooders such as Ardern is now verging on criminal fraud.

Real problems are ignored while the fairy tail of the evil Co2 is brandished about. Let’s look at the claim of this Portuguese Socialist who has boldly said how obvious the emergency is.

Global warming is no longer a new thing. We have had computer modelling, politicians and the U.N. Telling us for 40 years the trauma that was on the way. Al Gore made millions telling us the ice would be gone at our poles, the sea level would rise flooding our coastal cities, we were going to have food shortages and people would be displaced as their homes were claimed by the tides.

Deserts would grow as plant life died and and ocean acidification would kill sea life.

Storm intensity would reek havoc and more wild weather would torment us and kill millions

What have we actually seen?

What trends have we witnessed?

Increasing food production, increasing biomass of plants, no change in storm intensity, no melting of the poles, no rising sea levels*

No change in natural variation of floods and draughts, no link to Forrest fires.

What’s more the temperature is rising at .14 of a degree per decade.

The data shows us we are in a little cooling period that will last a few years and is likely to be more concerning should it last too long. Something to do with crop yields decreasing when the globe cools.

In fact if this is an emergency then we could do with more of them.

As Scientists get further and further away from providing any empirical evidence that Co2 and in particular anthropogenic Co2 is creating any change in the climate, the louder the globalist U.N. Leaders cry.

However, there is one empirical bit of evidence that is a result of Co2 increase, and that is a greening of the globe. Yes seems that greenhouse keepers who increase the level of Co2 in their glasshouses were right. Co2 is good for growing plants.

It’s time to stop this farce and concentrate on healing our planet where it is needed.

Plastic waste going onto the oceans, toxins from pesticides and chemical plants, over fishing and antiquated coal power stations and nuclear generators is what need addressing.

Stop the lie and stop funding these no longer fit for purpose unelected U.N. Fear mongers.

* sea level is rising but it has been a static interglacial rise that has shown no link to Co2 levels.

If you want some data to back up the claims of no emergency, I provided a lot on a post from earlier in the month.

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