Climate Expert pours cold water on Global Warming

Planet B Media was originally set up as a place for the science on Climate Change. A place where the evidence that pointed to there being no Climate Emergency, that CO2 wasn’t a villain and the sea wasn’t about to knock on your 2nd floor windows.

So intrenched has the climate change become that even though people have virtually no experience or evidence in anything climate they accept new laws, regulations and a growing feeling of guilt over what man has done to the air we breath.

Just like the information Wars over COVID we have seen lately, this war over the climate debate has been going on for many years. Scientists being silenced, bullied and sacked over not maintaining the fear porn narrative.

so it is with get pleasure that I share with you more information on the climate hoax from one of our very own experts here in New Zealand.

it is shared below from a NZCPR.COM article written by Dick Reaney, Bio below

Dick Reaney PGCAS(Cant), BDS(Otago), D.Orth.RCS(London), MRACDS(Aust), FICD has studied Climate and Paleoclimatology for 40 years including numerous expeditions to the Antarctic, the North Pole, and the Himalayas. He was awarded a Visiting Scholarship to Scott Polar Research Institute in 2005 by Cambridge University, England. His research has produced some clear findings: there is no climate emergency and never has been, climate change is unstoppable; extreme weather events are a natural phenomena.

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