Climate fraud about to go next level with propaganda

Michael E Man is one of a group of alarmist frauds who use every underhanded trick to propagate their Climate Crises hoax.

The complicit media and politicians help milk the fabricated science created by the likes of Mann. They then feed it to the willing audiences who tremble at night thinking their heater is in some way leading to the mass extinction of life on earth.

It’s sick and it’s about to get a whole lot sicker.

This is an add for a cohort of highly educated people in the art of communication. “Climate Communication. “ Not experts in climate processes and effects, not scientists on the physical properties of the multitudes of elements that drive our complex climate.

No, this is a very concisely and clear request for propagandists to sell climate issues, which given who is requesting the communicators – their jobs will be spreading alarm.

Is this a sign that more people have stopped buying the snake oil that is climate crisis science?

Perhaps they are struggling to keep up with real issues such as wars, supply chain issues and the irony of people being more concerned of gas prices.

So much for doing away with fossil fuels, put the price up and there is hell to pay.

Like usual ,everybody is a climate warrior until it hits their wallet.

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