Climate Quiz

A little known fact about CO2 is that it is great there is a bit more of it about.

THe CO2 coalition made up of actual scientists that know what they are talking about has developed a useful quiz that you can complete, learn and share.

By the end of it, it will have people scrambling to counter, discredit or deny the information. But it these facts that when you learn about the climate with an open mind makes you realise that James Shaw, Ardern and plenty of the National MP’s alike need to relax over the climate and focus on what is right for New Zealands people rather than your global image among the alarmists.

Take the Quiz Below and see how much you though was happening with the climate is completely wrong

Climate Quiz

Of course this doesn’t stop the Facebook checkers with info from the CO2 coalition.

A recent publication debunking one of climate sciences largest mistakes – that the climate was in an equilibrium prior to fossil fuels releasing CO2 and thus only CO2 can be to blame for “Climate Change” got fact checked by those clever clogs at Face Bool


While the Climate Always Has and Always Will Change, There Is no Climate Crisis

So Facebook fact checkers think the climate never changed prior to the Industrial Revolution?

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