Climate Strikes

Finally. It’s about time this pathetic movement died off. The most its done is condoned thousands of students wagging school. It hasn’t achieved anything other than that and propagating alarm and it’s doomsday theories. Thank god people realised that

Image may contain: one or more people, text that says "RÄGHT WATCHMAN 26/1/2021 Photo: Instagram: 'schoolstrike4climatenz' Climate strike sees UNDERWHELMING turnout, protestors appear CLUELESS when asked about end goal. #RIGHTWATCHMAN"

Resurfacing once more, radical climate alarmist group ‘Schools Strike for Climate NZ’ has set forth a revised list of demands to politicians, including: phasing out fossil fuels, a 100% renewable energy sector, climate education, a ‘just transition’ and finally, a take on the Green New Deal – their proposals falling under scrutiny from commentators and experts that have pointed out not only the astronomical cost to taxpayers, but also a potentially catastrophic effect to New Zealand’s presently ailing economy.While the group anticipated a substantial turnout, the meagre crowd appeared scattered across parliamentary grounds – the sight proving underwhelming in comparison to the march in 2019 which had thousands of protesters in attendance.In addition to the protestors and spokespeople from the group, present were both Labour and Green MPs – most notably Climate Change Minister James Shaw.When questioned, protesters appeared clueless over an end goal. One likened the movement’s goal to “addressing systemic problems”, while others simply repeated the terms “extreme climate action” and “urgent change”.The group has also previously thrown support behind the extremist BLM movement, in addition to supporting progressive policies within government – causes separate from its own goal.Some have also criticised the group for propagating a sensational form of fear mongering in its message, in addition to encouraging ‘climate anxiety’ – a term brought about by the movement to describe those experiencing anxiety in strict regards to climate change.‘Schools Strike for Climate NZ’ has also been criticised for its ineffectiveness and ‘delusion’ in regards to its ambitious ultimatums.The Right Watchman prides itself in excelling as the fastest growing alternative for conservatives and free-thinkers – positioning New Zealand front-and-centre in news coverage and defying the mainstream.

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