CNN Peddling Fake News

The Lancet article below contemplates mutation BY the very treatment being proposed. READ THE SCIENCE!

This statement has NO published evidence to support the argument. In fact, the January paper on the treatment stated that variants are possible during the course of treatment.

READ THIS CNN ! In the 3rd paragraph, they specifically address “virus evolution” during treatment!


And this:

“Given that the antibody response to the spike protein is so focused, could mutations in these restricted sequences lead to a less efficacious vaccine, if the human immune response is specific to the vaccine sequence? These mutations might be driven by antigenic drift, or by selection, either during natural infection or due to the vaccine itself. When a virus is grown under the selective pressure of a single monoclonal antibody that targets a single epitope on a viral protein, mutations in that protein sequence will lead to the loss of neutralisation, and the generation of escape mutants. This sequence of events has been shown in the laboratory for polio, measles, and respiratory syncytial virus,7 and in 2020 for SARS-CoV-2.”

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